It was hopeless, We will not have birthday cake!



Honestly, the first two years did not work very well because we celebrated it in Europe. So this time I wanted to make a magnificent birthday party and celebrate it with the whole family. Because for the first time, we will celebrate it in Egypt. In the country where my daughter was born!

Firstly I wanted to make her birthday party in our home. Then I thought we just renew all the home and when I invite all the family so I will spend a week by cleaning, and still I must put in my mind all the cooking and preparation… I just did not have a power on it…

Coincidentally I found in my handbag a poster from my daughter´nursery. It was written they Organize Kids Birthday Party. I was really very happy for it. ,,My daughter will celebrate her birthday with her friends and family in the same time.,, Immediately the second day I run to the nursery to ask for detail information. I could not believe myself but there were very shocked. They told me I am the first parent who ask for it. On other hand they tried to do everything what I asked them for…We deal they will take care about the decoration in the style of Frozen ,,Anna and Elsa,, because my daughter adore it, fun, food and I will bring just her special Birthday cake. I was worried just about one thing and it was a weather. It was already half of December and even we are in Egypt, it already started to be cold. Of course I had to just wait, there was nothing I could do about the weather. It is not in my power…


So to deal with the nursery was the easy part but to deal with the family was more complicated. First problem they had with a time. I preferred to make it at morning lets say 10 am but all the family wanted at evening cca 5pm! Second problem was I wanted to make it just for a women. Even in the nursery working just a women and we can be more free without men but the family wanted to be mixed with a men. Then some people from the family refused to come and at the end there was a problem with a birthday cake. The sister of my husband knew a confectioner who makes a delicious cakes and really very beautiful one and also for good price. I asked her to order the cake from him. She agreed but she let it on the last moment. Day before the birthday party she went to order it…and As you can feel, it was too late…

She went ask to another confectioners, but they were too expensive or were not free. I was hopeless and really afraid we will not have the birthday cake! The most important thing! At the end the sister showed up her Egyptian skills. She went back for the first confectioner and somehow she persuaded him to make our cake. So all is ready…Done… Hurray the ,, D,, Day can start.


In the D day was really beautiful weather. I have to say the day was perfect. Sunny day, warm and good mood. I went with my daughter to the nursery cca 9 am and when we entered, Olaf was waiting us in the life – size. I was more happy from it then my daughter. I left my daughter in the nursery and went back for the rest of our family. Till all the family met, it was already 11 am and suddenly I had a phone call from the sister of my husband. She told me the cake is not ready yet and they still have to wait for it. Oh My God! My real nightmare!  I hate when something is not ready in time. I could not postpone the celebration anymore. we had to start.

The fun for kids was beautiful, there was a songs, dancing, drawing, even a big surprise for my daughter – they invited Elsa the life-size mascot. Unexpectedly my daughter got scared. She was so afraid from the Elsa that we had to make her away from the nursery. It was really pity because the other kids enjoyed it but birthday girl must have the privilege.


After one hour finally the sister arrived with the cake. We gave the birthday gift to my daughter and made a thousands photos and when we started to cut the cake…. I remembered one person of our family is not here! The second sister of my husband is missing…But was already 1 Am and some kids already left home. So we had to continue eating the cake without her. I saved for her a piece and when she came the birthday party was already finished. So quickly we made some photos even with her and then we left all home.


The Nursery asked us to stay more but we were all exhausted that we wanted to go directly to the bed but we could not…because at the end the birthday party continued in my home. It was unexpected surprise even for me but at the end I was very happy. It was really beautiful day even with some small problems. But that`s the life itself. My daughter really enjoyed her birthday and I believe she will remember this beautiful day inside of her.

Thank you for reading

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