When I arrived to Egypt, I changed my view on everything

toktok The very first day I was passing through Egypt and I saw the normal people living, I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t remember all the details, but I remember very well the feeling and how many things seemed so unbelievable that nobody would believe me in Europe Today I will write to you 10 things that I love in Egypt, they surprised me and some made me laugh. Some points are known, and some will surprise you .. but then surely write to me in the comment what things you love about Egypt or made you love. I’m sure every foreign can have his list of things he loves in Egypt. I believe a lot of people would indicate my list that it is terrible in Egypt but I think my points make from EgyptThe Egypt itself...”

7 years ago…

1. They kept the door from the apartment open all day. The keys were not used at all. When I asked for the keys, they laughed and had to look for a long time to find where they saved the key. But nobody used it and no one stole you. In the house, all neighbours knew each other and guarded each other. if someone wanted to rob you, they wouldn’t have a chance … (unfortunately, this does not exist in Egypt anymore, after the revolution this has changed and today it is like in Europe. Everything is locked on and surprisingly since then many people started successfully stealing.) 2. Car washer. Do you know the feeling of going into a car washer and having a car washed by automatically roller?! Well in Egypt they also have a car washer but when you go inside, there is a man who will wash your car manually. This really makes me laugh until now. When you see a supercar washer from the front and just walk around it and see a man works classically with his hands, old clothe and dirty water. 3.cars were mostly old Skoda Lada .. in my country those cars were used when I was a small child and then I never saw them again. when I saw them in Egypt it was really refreshing feeling like I was returning to my childhood. but the fun was when you got in the car, you felt it’s only the construction of the car, no comfort … but this has also changed. Today almost everybody in Egypt has a luxury car. 4. Fixing things. I’ve always been worried about how to use things correctly according to the instructions or use the correct tools. but when I arrived in Egypt, I changed my view. Did you know for Egyptians are enough just a piece of stone and rope and they can repair everything? seriously, I’m not kidding. there are so great at this, but it makes me laugh even today. 5. Note that Egyptians usually do not use cutlery.They eat by hands or using bread. Exceptionally they use spoons but they never eat by cutlery as Europeans do. 6. When Egyptian gangsters get mad at each other, they took their all family and friends to fight. But! They fight with a sword! I always feel the Zorro comes true in Egypt. Anyway this fighting is always a big shows for the women. They always watch it from the balcony as a TV show. 7. Toktuk! Who does not know such an amazing, little, cute car for a ladies – mostly. Always playing street songs, make a lot of noise and delivery you quickly on the end of the street. I am really in love with this cute car but mostly Egyptians hate it even they use it all the time. 8. This thing really shocked me. Old generation when they spoke to me, they were always very surprised that the Arabic language is not a basic language of my country. Well, they knew its not my mother language but they supposed I was learning it at least in the school or I will listen it on the street. I just could not explain to them my county does not use this language at all. They never understood this and even how it could be hard for me to learn it. From their words its the easiest language in the world. Really?! 9. Wow, this is sooooo fabulous!!!! University…people do not go there to study but to find a bride or groom. Can you believe that? Surely all people must pass the university exam but no worry its definitely not hard as in Europe..there is many ways to pass and its not the main source of going there..really its a place for meeting your future partner. 10. Food, since I was a child to an adult time I have never eat too much. But Egypt healed me at this point, definitely! The food OMG, it’s so different, so delicious… The first time I just could not stop eating! And my first favorite combination was a Halawa with cheese and banana. All eaten together 😀 Well this I do not eat anymore but at that time it was my Top dish anytime I was hungry.
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