Thanks God, I found many people who taught me to be a good Muslim

Time ago I have met a really amazing foreign girl ! or better I should say a woman! Let`s say we met cross my blog. She is doing very similar work as me on facebook Latina En Cairo and its to describing Egypt and Egyptian culture to her people. Later on, we became excellent business partners and friends. You already know her indirectly way because she was the one who translated my first book to the Spanish Language. The point is she is not from Europe as I am but she is from Latin America – Mexico. So I got an excellent idea to make an interview with her and found out How she sees Egypt.  Does she see Egypt the same way as I do? Or a different way? You will definitely find out in this interesting interview.. Dear readers, It is a pleasure to have the honour of introducing to you  Vanessa Bermudez. aishaa

1.What is your story?  Why did you come to Egypt?  🙂

After 3 years of my divorce, I met an Egyptian guy on Facebook.  I really needed someone in my life and well I fell in Love. We made life plans Together and I decided to come to Egypt. Since the beginning, he was very clear about his economic situation and the place where we will live. But I did not care about those points, of course as a Latin girl, I put my heart in the first place than my brain. Well, I married this man but in the end we also divorced. But I stayed in Egypt.

2. How many years are you in Egypt? Do you ever plan to leave Egypt? 

I live in Egypt for seven years. And Leave Egypt? Never! Since the first time that I stepped on Egyptian land, I felt I just back to home. I never asked myself this question because I really want, I NEED to be here, why? seriously I don’t know but I love Egypt with all of my heart.

3. Are you working in Egypt? What is your job?

Yes, I am working since the very beginning. Firstly I lived in Alexandria and I used to work there as an English teacher then I got a job as a nanny. After my divorce, I moved to Cairo and I got a job as a maid. Then I found a job as a Spanish teacher and now I work as a tourism operator. But let me tell you about my passion, my love: I created a page on facebook Latina en Cairo to show Egypt, the real one, no only the touristic zone. The people abroad really love it, because of impartial, I show the good, and the worse, to let them prepare for their visit because even with the bad points, Egypt has magic, you cannot resist to visit it. Unfortunately, I blocked the country because as I told you, I show the good and the bad side, thanks to this I received many insults from Egyptians so when I reached my limit, I decided to let out to the Egyptian people. latina en cairo

4. Do you have any negative personal experience in Egypt?

Yes, harassment.

In Alexandria, a young guy attacked me while I was entering the building where I was living. It was the first time I experienced a frontal attack in Egypt. But

I went to the police station and the policeman tried to help me very much because he knows this is a bad image for the country but unfortunately, we didn’t find the guy who harmed me. But my neighbours when they knew about this bad experience, they always tried to protect me. Also since this time I just avoided to walk alone and I always asked the doorman stay in the door waiting till I reach my apartment.

5. You live in Egypt and it´s an Islamic country. What´s your opinion about Islam?

I’m a Muslim woman around 10 years. But I’m not that kind that is praying all the time or reading the holy Quran. I practice the Quran that says don’t hurting anyone or talking lies about someone (I really try hard, but I’m a human). I don’t wear hijab but is something that last days I just started to think about… let’s see what will happen. I would like people to practice more than praying because they pray too much but what about the bad actions right away after the prayer? I found, Thank God, many good people, low social class, but they gave me a lot, and thanks to them I learn how to be a good muslim,


6. Right now you are married for the second time to an Egyptian man. What is your relation with his family?

Our relation is simply Awesome! 
We live apart from each other and when we meet it is really a pleasure. I guess that’s the key to a good relation.

7. How would you describe Egyptian people?

They are not so friendly as the Latin people. I used to smile to everybody because it is part of our culture, but In Egypt, I found a hard face to my smile. But Egyptian people are very nice indeed. And I like them so much.

8. Do you think Egypt is dangerous for Non-Muslim people?

Our anthem is tomorrow we will die, let’s live hardly today.

Let me be honest, non- Muslim people are safer here in Egypt.
I’m talking about my own experience. being an Agnabeya is very nice.
Agnabeya means foreigner and I’m like a star here!!!

9. What do you like about Egypt and What do you Hate?

I like that everything is possible here, I hate the harassment more than anything in the world. Instead of being criticised the girl’s clothes why don’t educate the guys to be a gentleman in all ways, in all levels? This is a parents duty.

10. What’s ur opinion about Egyptian women? Are they treated badly or as slaves?

Well, what I saw and still seeing is that at home they are the queens, but out of home, the man has to be the leader.

What is your message for Egyptian people?

You must accept the other´s opinion, I’m not trying to hurt the country but there are bad things that the own Egyptians talk about it, so don’t be hard with this Mexican, that love Egypt as her own country. Thank you.

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