Hummus – the easiest recipe in Egypt

Who does not know Hummus? One of the top 10 most famous Egyptian dishes. Certainly all of you have tried this food. And if you do not have this food in your country then you may have asked yourself how it can be prepared at home?

I was also looking for a recipe for a really great hummus. But it was a challenge because in Egypt it is worth to buy than to make it at home. And the most wonderful hummus I’ve ever eaten was in Siwa oasis. I know that I mention this place very often but really the tastes from this area are completely different. and not only for hummus but also for other meals. I don’t know if they have any secret ingredients or just that food is better in itself because of the better environment.

But today I describe you at least the basic hummus we eat in Alexandria. It is the simplest recipe you will find in Egypt. The basic colour of hummus is beige, but you can taste and colour it by vegetables – most tomatoes and green pepper. Then also by eggs and even by avocados. There are really many possibilities. Try to experiment and write in the comments what you made..


400 g of chickpeas

100 ml of water

2 Tablespoon of Tahini paste

1  lemon

1 tablespoon of olive oil

pinch of salt

2 cloves of garlic


How to make it

Put everything in a blender and mix for 1 minute. And you can serve it right away. It is suitable for salads, main food or just for a snack with Arabic bread.

Tip: Hummus can be flavoured with tomatoes, peppers, eggs or anything you want. Just choose by your taste and creativity.

If you have trouble with buying the Tahini paste, don’t worry… I will write to you the recipe next time!

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