Let’s go for the real recipe of Kunafa dough

Last time I introduced you a delicious Arabic dessert Kunafa. I have described many variants of Kunefa and I introduced one of them in detail – Kunafa with cream. But to do this, you need the most basic thing and also the most important one…

That’s Kunefa dough itself. From my point of view, it is not easy to make at home but nothing is impossible. In Egypt, Kunafa dough is made on the street on huge hot plates, in large quantities and even have machines for it, so it’s quite simple.

However, we do not have such a thing and so we have to settle for a hot and small pan in the home. but as I said, you can do it. It only takes a little exercise and patience.

It was not easy to find a recipe for Kunéfa dough. There is a lot on the Internet but not every recipe is the right one. So I personally tried about 15 kinds before I found the right recipe. Of course, 14 of them ended up in the rubbish. (LOL). But that’s how it goes when one tries to do something, it brings all kinds of sacrifices. Let us not delay anymore and go up to the real recipe for Kunafa dough.

I hope everyone will try it, and if you do not succeed, you can always buy the dough right here.


2 CUPS of water

2 CUPS of flour

1 Cup of cornflour

1 spoon of oil

1/2 teaspoon of salt


How to make it

All Ingredients put together And mix it till smooth dough.

Take a plastic bag And cut one corn. Fill bag by dough. Make the dough with circular movements on a hot pan.


Let 10 seconds on a hot pan and put it to a bowl. This way continues until the dough is finished.

And that’s it! Kunefa dough is Ready. It looks like a long, thin hair.

kunefa dough

Put the Ready kunefa dough to another plastic bag And give it to a freezer.

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