Inside will wait for him 42 judgers of death and will ask him the same number of questions



We all are going to die one day. It is not nice to speak about it or even think but unfortunately, it will happen one day so we should be ready on it. Did you already think about: How it will be? What will happen to you after you die? Where you will go? What will happen to your soul?

These questions are endless..we have many religions and opinions about it all over the world. But today I want to present to you the ancient Egyptian way. Of what they believe will happen with every single Egyptian person.

Shortly said, after a person dies, his soul is going to a boat which will float cross time, fight with devils, and if he wins he can go on the 7 stairs to the judger room. Inside will wait for him 42 judgers of death. They are presenting the Egyptian Gods and will ask him 42 questions…

and the first juror will ask him:

Have you treated your body wisely and thoughtfully, just as your creator took care of you at the time of your youth?

2 ask:

Have you lived your life on earth to the fullest extent the gods have assigned it to?

3 ask:

Have you kept your body clean and have not defiled it in the Dirt River?

4 ask:

Were you lying with a woman on whom you also loved her spirit?

5 ask:

Have you not known the body of your mother, your daughter, sister or aunt?

6 ask:

Were you not with any man like a woman?

7 ask:

Can any animal call you its husband?

8 ask:

Did your hands take anything that was not yours?

9 ask:

Did You eat too much food until your stomach suffered and turned against you? and did you drink a strong drink until yours will become a slave to your body?

10 ask:

Did you cut off someone’s silver thread forcibly?

11 ask:

Was your anger righteous, and were the truncheon in your hand like Pharaoh’s truncheon?

12 ask:

Did you look at the rich, skilled and learned with envy?

13 ask:

Was the jealousy stuck in your heart?

14 ask:

Have you not declared evil except evil itself?

15 ask:

Did you let the plow idle in the wake when the grain was ready for sowing?

16 ask:

Did you want to know what wasn’t for your ears and your eyes?

17 ask:

Have you seen the giant’s shadow on the wall and thought you have resembled its size?

18 ask:

Did you turn from the right way, when there was a danger?

19 ask:

Did you chain yourself to the earth with gold chains?

20 ask:

Did you look at the earthly things until your eyes were blind?

21 ask:

 Were you fair at the marketplace?

22 ask:

 Were you grateful to all who showed you friendship on your pilgrimage, be it a companion or a pomegranate that refreshed you when you were thirsty?

23 ask:

Have you given bread to the poor person and the grapes of your vineyard to tired person?

24 ask:

Did you lock your mouth from false speaking?

25 ask:

Were you so proud of your wits that your wisdom was clouded by a dark cloud?

26 ask:

Was your friendship a solid rock in the moving sand dunes?

27 ask:

Have you strapped chains of hate upon anyone? 

28 ask:

Have you not tried spells and have become contaminated, was your body just yours alone?

29 ask

You have given pleasure to your mother’s heart, and have respected your father’s house?

30 ask:

Did You honor all true priests?

31 ask:

Did you remember the gods during your pilgrimage and ask them for advice?

32 ask:

Have you covered your ears with against wisdom that shouts out loud?

33 ask:

Have you been thirsty for the wisdom of thirst parid with a desire for truth?

34 ask:

Did You use your power only for The light?

35 ask:

Were you a sword in a Horus army?

36 ask:

Have you led someone on a path that does not lead to freedom?

37 ask:

Had you an honest idea of yourself in your heart?

38 ask:

Did you know your heart and you were the true writer of all your work?

39 ask:

You know that the end of one journey is the beginning of another?

40 ask

Have you remembered the plants that once were your brothers, quenched your thirst and cared for them to thrive?

41 ask:

Have you treated all the animals as your master treats you, have you been sensible, kind, and compassionate to those who were once your brothers?

42 ask:

you can truly say: I have never asked for more from man or animal than they could do for me. Did I realize that everyone on earth was my companion and assisted them on their journey?



If a person cannot answer all 42 questions then he will fall down to the darkness until he became in his mother womb again.

But if he answers all correctly then the gates will open for him and he can enter the paradise forever.

These questions are really worth to be read and think about it deeply. Similarity we will find in a lot of religions and actually I feel it is a mix of all religions all over the world… and what surprised me this task was for every person in ancient Egypt, not just for pharaoh…

well every one of us has some belief and trust in his own heart. and we all know the best what is the right path for us…so keep going on your way 


Thank you for your patient reading


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