Fateer-The Bread of Gods

Every day when I went to work a friend was waiting for me in the rest room. We always had breakfast together before we started working. And what we had For a breakfast??

In Egypt, mostly we eat for a breakfast eggs, falafel, vegetables, beans but this we had nowhere to cook in the staff room and of course we did not want to take all of this from our homes. So my Egyptian friend always brought two Feteer,filled by powdered sugar and wrapped in a roll of paper.

I remember as it was today when she brought me my first Fateer ever. I’ve never eaten anything like that before, but it was really delicious in her way. I couldn’t get enough of it. And so it became our tradition and we ate it every single day.



Fateer from street which I was eatng every day in work

Best of all was that Feteer costed only 1 LE! I tried to buy the Fateer several times but I never found it as delicious as she always brought me. I don’t know why.  Was it Really different? Or it was too delicious for me because someone else brought it to me? I will never know actually, but it does not matter. What matters are those wonderful memories of it.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised when I read that the Fateer is from the time of Pharaoh. And it’s not just ordinary food. It is actually bread that was made sweet from honey, and the Pharaohs used it as food for the Gods and the afterlife. And how do I know? A recipe for feteer meshaltet was found in the tomb of  Eighteenth Dynasty Vizier Rekhmire… And coincides with today’s recipe !! Isn’t it amazing? Only with a small variation that today Fateer is not eaten only with honey but also with powdered sugar or cheese

Fateer also represents generosity and affection of the country. Nowadays, it is a dish that is asked by kings and presidents who visit Egypt.

In addition, the French copied the recipe from the Egyptians and created a famous croissant !! The recipe is really easy. I did it myself for the first time and succeeded. So no worry and go make it…

We have two ways to make the Fateer. Both ways are made from the same ingredients. I’ll write you the one I did and the other ways show you in the video. Both ways are correct and it depends only on you, which will suit you. 





♥ 4 cups of flour
♥ 2 cups of water
♥ dash of salt
♥ 1 cup of melted butter
♥ 1 cup of olive oil

How to make it 


Put to olive oil for a 15 minutes

♥ Each ball roll to a very thin slice. Each slice brush by butter from both sides.
♥ Take one slice and make a square from it. Then take the second slice and put the square to it and make another big square. Then third slice again.

Put the square shaped slices together

♥ Brush again with a butter and put to the preheated oven 250°C for 15 minutes. Till it get bronze colour.
♥ Then make the same with the rest 3 balls. So you will have 2 Feteer at the end.
Tip: After the Fateer is baked put it to a bag till it`s cool. It will stay easy, smooth and fresh. 
♥ Put a powdered sugar on Feteer, also eat with honey or cheese..


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