“Here we get married and God, stars and the Moon are our witnesses.”

affection afterglow backlit blur

“Will you marry me?” Ahmed looked at Marwa and his eyes showed enthusiasm and sincere love.

Marwa waited for this moment so long and now it´s  here!

“Yes I will marry you,” she cried, and fell around his neck. They were hugging each other for a long time, in the glow of the silver moon and the murmur of the sea…

They couldn’t imagine a better life moment. So long they waited until Ahmed finally had a stable job and enough money for their future life. Although both were very young, they could finally afford to be together.

There is only one thing left and It´s the great news say to parents. So they walked hand in hand to the Marwa’s house. She quickly called her parents to come down to salon because she has an amazing news for them.

Although her parents knew about their relationship, they never thought it was so serious and they disagreed with their decision to “get marry”. Of course the reason was property. Although ahmed really tried his best in the life, he wasn’t rich and he wasn’t even from a good family. Marwa´s parents completely imagined someone else for her sweet, little girl.

“Please, Daddy … Ahmed always did what you wanted. He has a good job and position. He is able to take care of us, so why Don´t you agree ?!”

“Simply I don’t! And we won’t discuss it.”

Marwa begged and cried but it was totally useless.

Also Ahmed ´s parents immediately disagreed and could not understand his decision. They imagined another bride for him too. Foremost much younger and in similar property situation.

Both of them were shrouded in  great mourning and that night no one of them were able to fall in sleep.

The next day they met early at the street. This time they did not hug each other. They stood apart and just looked at each other in great silence.

Then Marwa handed him the ring that he had given her the previous night. “Be happy My Love and never forget about me.”

“I will never be happy without you.” this is absolutely crazy, it can’t be that way. We love each other!”

“Yes we do love each other but only our love is not enough.”

“And what if it is enough? “

Marwa looked at him and immediately understood what ahmed was thinking about. Even though she did not say a word, her smile was a great sign that she agree with his plan.


The hot air was burning their faces, and in the hot sand it became more and more difficult to continue the journey.
“We should give up, we can never prove this. We don’t have food or money for transportation. All we have left is the last bottle of water. We shouldn’t have been so pretentious and think we can cross the Sahara.”
,,We can do it. we have to do it. We have nothing to lose. We can’t go back to Egypt again, because they’d kill us. And in Lybia we will have a better life.”
“But we’re not officially married. We live in sin!”  sadness showed on Marwa´s face. Her pain was so obvious.
“I can’t watch you in such a pain, so let’s solve it right now.” We’re not going to continue today, we’ll sleep here and it’ll be our special night, you will see.”
Although Marwa did not understand, Ahmed knew what he wanted. He waited for the night, the moon and stars to shine. Then he went for Marwa and led her to the most beautiful place from where they can see whole Sahara and the most beautiful stars. He pulled a ring from his pocket that had been ready for her for so long. He knelt in front of her and asked her to marry him. Marwa couldn’t even breathe with what happiness she cried.
“Here we get married and God, the stars and the moon are our witnesses.”
And with the sound of their voices, they danced all night…

After waking up, they set out on the road and knew they could do it. For Marwa and Ahmed were nothing stronger than faith and love to each other. At the end they crossed the Sahara and reached desired Lybia. 


woman and man standing on the desert


In Lybia, life was quite different. They had rented a small apartment and both of them had to work very hard. Marwa worked as a nurse and Ahmed found a place in the restaurant. They didn’t have much money but they were happy to be together. They spent 2 years doing so, and then Marwa suddenly became pregnant. It was a big happiness but also a shock because one salary will never be enough.

So Ahmed decided to write a letter to his mother and try again to accept them. It was his last hope of reconciling with his family. And indeed, two weeks later he got express writing from Egypt where his and her family begged them to come back home and agreed to the wedding. They also included a check with money for the return journey home.

Ahmed and Marwa were jumping from joy, nobody really expected this. And so they eventually returned to their native country, and the family prepared for them one more true wedding.

It may seem like a beautiful end to romantic story BUT…

Time passed, and the romantic story became a tragic story. They had 6 children together and they really loved each other but their character was too different.

They screamt, thrashed, and ahmed several times left their home. They divorced twice and ahmed married another woman. And to make matters worse, their middle son died at the age of 12.

This tragedy has shaken Marwa so much that she has gone mad. She really lost her mind for a time. And at that moment ahmed reevaluated everything that happened between them. Marwa begged him several times to divorce her for the third time and forget about her, but Ahmed never did. He stayed with her and tried to support her even though she didn’t want it.

It is said that time heals all wounds, and fortunately Marwa managed to recover from the tragedy that happened to her. She went back to work and life. Today she is a happy grandmother, enjoys her grandchildren and is a great support for her whole family.

Her life was really very romantic and very cruel. we really cannot choose the faith but I believe that marwa with ahmed truly loved each other.

If it wasn’t a real love, it wouldn’t last their whole life.


Notice: The story is true, and I know personally the people. Name was changed for protecting privacy.

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