King Farouk and his wife Farida ruled Egypt from Royal Jewelry Museum



Every day when I go to my work I see the building of Royal Jewelry Museum.

And I have to say the building itself its too beautiful. Its from white stone so its very shining and specially in sunlight.

But actually I never planned visit this museum. Even I adore jewelry its simply did not come on my mind to see it in museum. 

I must say it was my husband`s idea to see it. As every week I am thinking where to go in Alexandria, what to visit new. This week I just wanted to go simply out for relaxation, just empty mi mind but then my husband told me this excellent idea about jewelry museum. Of course, I accepted it immediately.

So today morning I had a free time so I woke up at 8:00, dressed and went to the beautiful museum. The way from my home took just 20 minutes by walking to reach it. For good luck today morning was little bit windy but with sun so it was really resting walk. 


park related to jewelry museum

Well, when I reached the museum and went to buy a ticket I was little bit shocked from the prices.It enormously got higher.For egyptian person it is 10 L.E. and for Foreign person 50 L.E.  and if you want photo inside you will pay also 50 L.E. (1 euro – 8 L.E.). Maybe if you see the prices now you think its not too high okay but imagine a year ago a lot of museum costed about 1 or 2L.E.!

Nowadays for big luck I have the same ticket as egyptian- so it means the lower price. When I bought the ticket, I went to checking gate – they see your bags, clothes and passports. Everything was fine so I could enter without a problem. Then I finally could enter the museum itself. 

Inside my first look was on the painting of walls. It was the same as in Europe. Then I read that the princess who built it asked Italian architects to built her castle. As I wrote right now, this museum of jewelry was castle for Muhammad Ali dynasty and they even ruled Egypt from this place. The most famous king for me of this dynasty was king Farouk and his wife Farida. Their initials were almost on all the jewelry. 




All of the jewelry was made from diamonds, pearls, rubies,sapphires etc. simply the most precious stones. What surprised me more they had even table set made only from gold, tooth brush from gold, comb from gold, watches from gold, candy boxes from gold, construction tools from gold… ITS REALLY INCREDIBLE!


More what I loved was the bathroom. We saw 2 bathrooms and it looked like a SPA. So big and you had bath and shower, and toilet and wash-basin etc. all in one room and in the middle of this bathroom you had empty space and on the walls were angels of love. It was really interesting, I would say connection of European and Arabic style together. Unfortunately I do not have photo of it. 

After I finished the tour inside I went have a look to gift shop. Honestly I must say it was the worst gift shop what I have ever seen in my entire life. There was simply nothing. Yea just few statuette of pharaohs but very bad made also and overcharge. And I even did not like how it was made. And I totally did not understand how its related to the museum.



flowers in museum

But this is the only disadvantage. Otherwise gardens of this museum are fantastic. You have a lot of flowers around you with palm trees, cactuses and benches. Really amazing atmosphere just to sit with your family or by yourself and to rest. On the end of this article I have made for you a short video how it look like from outside so do not miss it …



In Royal Jewelry museum with my parents after 2 years!


I want to say just One thing


  • Egypt in the 19 and 20 century was really very rich.

  • I spoke with some people about their grandparents life and all told me that in this time people from Europe was coming to Egypt earn money -become rich- and then go back to Europe and have normal life there with theirs families.

  • As I heard Egypt had italian cooks, greek hairdresser,french cosmetic and more.

  • Egypt also loaned money to England and England never reback it.  

  • So all the Europe became rich in this time because of Egypt.  Then England conquered Egypt and everything stopped.



Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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