Extremely huge and luxury resort, Marina is another Egypt!

Summer is in full swing and it would be a sin to do not write an article about one of the most beautiful resorts in Egypt. Today I chose for you resort called Marina, and trust me or not this resort is mostly for very very very rich people. So to get inside is not easy but it is not also impossible…

Marina is located about 90 km away from Alexandria and its divided to 8 parts (Marina 1-Marina 8) Of course each of part is little bit different but all of them are luxury places. And it is really catering mainly to Egyptian elites.

How can you enter Marina?

The first way how to enter Marina is to be extremely rich. If you have few millions on your account and you do not need them, you can buy a home or flat there. Isn`t it easy??? 😀

The second way may be Marina is selling a season ticket for “normal people” The season ticket can be on 3 months, half year or 1 year and it is not so cheap also but not extremely expensive so the middle layer of people can afford it without difficulties. But the only problem is you must know someone who sell the season ticket. Because they sell it indirect way, not officially.

The third way is that you are foreigner , so you simply book a hotel, you will pay a thousands money and you will simply enjoy your holiday there. But I do not think that a lot of foreigners people know about this resort. I think, the foreigners who knows about it are also from “foreigners elites”.

My own experience

I am one of the lucky people who visited Marina. But if you think that I am one of the millionaire people so you are wrong. 😀 I just had the luck and I had a season ticket.

So actually I have visited Marina 2. I went there with my family by a car and the way took around 2 hours. In the gate of the Marina you just show your season ticket to the guardians and they open tollgate and you are in inside. 

Well, its really extremely huge and luxury resort. You have there everything.You have a sea, beaches, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, parks, fountains, places where children can play etc.. It is really endless. Everything what you can imagine you will find there. It is really like another Egypt. If you want to see everything in Marina so 1 day will really not be enough.

But I went to the sea side because thats what I love, the nature. And even this surprised me because the water is like from paradise. So clean, so pure, so soft…the nature is really undamaged. You can see a lot of fishes there and you can also catch them and eat them without any licences or permission. And of course you can see another animals from the sea also but I am not fan of these for me strange animals. 😀

I spent my day there mostly swimming or playing on the beach. I took a short walk but as I told you the way is really endless.

But what is really surprising and very positive thing for me was we did not meet any people. Maybe because the Marina is so huge and for rich people so we were there almost alone. Imagine all the sea just for you ? Or it can also be that not a lot of Egyptian people like to swim in the sea, they prefer swimming pool. So maybe swimming pool is overfull and sea is empty. But I cannot compare this because I did not visit swimming pool. 

Whatever, it was simply perfect.

Another information

For people who likes history so the place around Marina is famous for Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. They found a lot of tombs there and also Cleopatra was staying in these places. Because she was fan of beauty and nature so around Alexandria, Marina, Marsa Matrooh and Siwa she is really very famous. She had a lot of houses everywhere and she took a lot of holidays there.

Even in a year 2016 they found inside of Marina-underground some tombs so now they are exploring it, so we still have to wait on the result what it is. 

But If you are interested in history search in google about Taposiris magna or Leukaspis, you will find a lot of information.

I will write about Cleopatra in my future post, so no worry you will know everything about her even things what you will not find in a books. You are not gonna miss anything 😀

At the end I uploaded some photos of Marina for you. So enjoy…


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