Cat`s Life in Egypt


Almost everybody who I know in Europe likes a Cats. Not necessary people must have a cats as a lovely pets but at least they are not afraid of them and treat them nicely. Egyptian cats has little bit different life from European cats. And how is it when someone try to grow up Egyptian cat in European style? Its really huge topic – so let`s start right now…

Introduction to Egyptian treating of Cats

In Egypt is really one big problem about cats and it is – Cats are a lot ! Thousands maybe millions ! And the worst is mostly the cats are living on the street.

Egyptian children are raised up to be afraid of animals – cats, dogs, horses etc. These animals what European children really love and adore so Egyptian children are afraid of. Simply parents teach them that the animal will harm them. So if you visit any Egyptian family mostly you will not find a pets ! Okay, of course here are exceptions but the percentage of the people are very rare. 

 So if you go on the street actually you will see really a lot of cats and you will see the cats are trying to get any food from anyone but honestly they are not evil they are very shy and afraid of the people.  For me as a European girl these situations are sometimes really funny when you see cat dying of fear of one person and at the same time the person is running and screaming on the street before the cat because the person think the cat will kill her.

Then I know we have here some organizations who try to catch the cats from the street and care about them and after find good family for it but they will never be able to help all the cats and they never have enough families, but good try. 

And the last thing is even we have so many cats on the street we still have a shops with a cats, dogs and another animals. The prices are little bit expensive start from 100 l.e. (1 l.e. -8 euro) for a cat. Honestly I saw these shops and I was thinking that the cats on the street has actually a better life than these animals who must be closed and they do not care good enough about them. I do not think they mean to care bad about them I just think they do not have enough experiences about caring as Europeans have.

Well, its enough and now look at this:

Egyptian Cat in European style !


This is my cat called Alvin. I bought him from one woman very far away from Alexandria because she just got babies from her own cat but I did not expect she will give me the cat so young – when I brought Alvin to home he was only 1,5 month old !!!

He still was not able to eat alone neither drink, and we had to learn him everything really as a baby. Even his eyes was not opened enough yet because if you know cat is being born blind. The first days I was really afraid about him but at the end we Did it !

After he started to feel better and he fall in love to sleep in my bed. I also started regularly shower him with special shampoo for a cat and of course brush his fur. And he loves all of these stuffs nowadays.


But the biggest shock for him and for other people here  was when i took him out ! When I mentioned to anyone that I will take out my cat – they all were looking at me like I am insane. All were warning me that the people will laugh at me and looking strange and It really happened at the end. But I did not care …. what I cared about was of course Alvin.

He was scared of all people, cars even another cats. He did not want to walk and even it was hot he got a cold. Only one thing he loved and it was a Sea – he adored just to sit in front of the sea and stare at it…

But I do not give up, next time I will take him out to totally calm place only with a sea.. Wish me luck.

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23 thoughts

  1. you will love my children. they are all cat lovers. my son carlo and his wife, they have 9 cats at home. but my wife has asthma. she cannot stay in a house with so much cat hair. too bad.


  2. Hi, Miss Sajda! 🙂
    You say that in Egypt people are taught to fear cats (and all other animals). However, I have read about the Egyptian cat goddess named Bast, who was worshipped quite extensively. As a matter of fact, people considered it almost auspicious to own cats.
    So, any idea why this sudden change?
    It’s just me being curious, though… You don’t have to know the answer… 😀
    Ananya 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Hello, Its actually very good question 😉 And Because I know egyptian history well I will try to answer you 😀
      What you have read about cat in ancient Egypt – its really true. Cats was really worshiped and honored not only goddess Bast. Also cats were connected with afterlife and were important as a protection against magic and devils. But look nowadays I asked some egyptian similar question , almost no one of egyptian like egyptian history 😀 neither their famous historical monuments, neither pharaohs. So there is also no love for cat of historical point, I am sure they even do not know that egyptian worshipped cats – simply they do not believe in history, they do not care about it. And the second main problem is they learn you this fear and hate since you are little baby.and its passed from generation to generation. And the reason is they are afraid of them-they think the cat will harm them, or eat them etc.The same with dogs. Most of people do not have a pets as we use to do in europe or america. so then they do not know how to treat with animals. Well, I hope my answer will be enough for you, if not – I am waiting your next questions 😀 With Love Sajda

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  3. That is a very different perspective. I suppose people are taught to be afraid of things their parents are afraid of. I also walk my cat out on a leash. I am afraid the eagles or dogs will get him if I don’t. What he really likes is to sit and eat grass. Alvin is so very cute! You are doing a great job with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yea you are very right but i did not mention it in the article – unfortunately. The mothers because they are afraid of the animals are scarying the kids so at the end all are afraid 😀 and i m glad to hear that my cat is not the only one who like only to sit and watch the environment 😀 alvin is really my best friend in my life and i think you have the same feeling for your cat. Take care about him 🙂


  4. He’s very handsome *o* In Peru there is a half afraid of them and the other half in love with them. I am in the last group. : D (but I am quite afraid of dogs)
    I am happy you didn’t care, life is so short to fulfill the desires of others instead of own ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 Nice to hear we are not the only country. I do not have a problem if someone is afraid actually everyone is afraid of something but my problem is Egyptian are masters of Acting ! They are perfect actors..its something what cannot be described, you have to see it 😀 btw yes i did not care but of course it was not comfortable feeling when you do something and all show you that you look really like crazy one..but for good luck i get already used to it 😀

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      • Then act stronger :v I don’t know Egypt but from the little I have read it seems similar to Peru. In our case I would lie (to the lier of course) saying that my cat is medicinal and have saved the lives of the elders of my family. Or that it helps doing the cleaning in home. xD


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