Mohamed Morsi The truth about 5th Egyptian President

What media are writing about him is very injustice and it really and deeply touched me. When Morsi was elected as a President and then deposed,the huge amount of demonstrations started in Egypt. In this time I have already lived there. I have lived in a normal district of Egypt so I experienced the reality as a normal and usual citizen. And my own experience was so far different from the “reality of media”.


I will not describe you who he was or what kind of life he had. This information you can always find in the wikipedia but today I want to describe you how we lived the life in Egypt when Morsi was a president.

So when Morsi became president, Egypt split into two parts. The One who wanted him and The Second which was against him. But its also true the Second group which hated him were mostly ignorant people. But about this we can talk in different post.

Morsi was really representative of Islam and had only One Huge Idea! To Lead Egypt in Islamic direction. I have to say he was really over kind person. Muslims who are practicing Islam-Sunna love him so much all over the world. They loved him, look up to him as a symbol of Islam and they were really supporting him. For bad luck his kindness and goodness led him to the bad end..


As a every president, he had dangerous enemies. This is always the same all over the history. But he had little bit bigger problem because except the enemies even half of the country was against him. And this Half had big advantage. They were not afraid to loudly disagree and fight  really cruel way. In this moment Morsi as a president should intervened and punished those people, in my opinion. He did not do it and worse he forgave them their bad actions. That was the Big mistake!

That was the moment, his enemies were waiting for. Because the Army came. You have to understand the meaning of army i Egypt. Egypt has one of the strongest army in the world. Normal people cannot win over the army. Never. So briefly said the army deposed a morsi during one evening and immediately appointed a Christian president. who was president for exactly 2 hours.


I remember all very well because all members of my family were sitting in front of the television and were watching what is going on in Cairo -live. Suddenly something crazy happened...The television and internet stopped work ! Bom! Shut down in one second all over Egypt! After one hour the television opened and the army commander Abd al-Fattáh Sa‘íd Husajn Chalíl as-Sísí (shortly said: Sisi) spoke to the people.

He told since now He is going to be the president and he has all the support from army. And If the people will not agree and continue fighting so he can the television and internet shut down forever. He just wanted to show to the people how big power he has…President Morsi was immediately arrested and since this time no one saw him again. All the 6 years (since 2013-2019) Nobody knew where he is. Even his own family had no informations about him. New president Sisi declared that Morsi was spy for Qatar so he will never go out from the prison. and this information was perfect for people who hated Morsi. They hated him much more and started to celebrate new President Sisi for rescuing Egypt.

morsi, sissi

Morsi and Sisi together while Morsi was a president

However,Morsi had his group of Islamic people called Muslim Brotherhood. I’m sure you heard about it and certainly in a negative way. They have certain specific rules I disagree with, but it is true that over the years it has helped countless people. Amazing is that even Morsi is not alive so this group still work. I would certainly not consider them as a negative people.

And since this time Egypt stayed split into the two parts. Morsi´s part still hoped that one day he will be set free and became president again. And second part started to celebrate and love Sisi. Believe me since this time and the year 2013 Egypt went trough a lot of horrible demonstrations. Innocent people were dying, so children and old people were killed cruel way or imprisoned. It really was not nice time for Egypt.


But there is one Fact which shocked me.. it was found secret video where president Sisi declared that all these demonstrations and killing were planned by the government. Because of human overpopulation so the government need to reduce it.

Can you believe it?

I will not tell you who president is good or bad. Everyone must have his own opinion at the end. But for me the unbelievable fact is that Sisi declare himself as president! If I remember the history well so the last one who did so was Napoleon Bonaparte when he declared himself emperor.Well maybe Sisi read about him and he got some inspiration then.

The same as Napoleon, Even Sisi is excellent leader in some points. Please, do not get me wrong but He proved to keep Morsi away from the people in perfect secrecy till his death 17/6/2019. If anyone disagree with Sisi or try to make demonstration immediately this person will be punished or will be missing. That´s the thing which makes Sisi very strong leader, almost invincible.

morsi prison

Morsi in Prison

Well, In Egypt people say that Morsi was closed all this time in one cell where he did not have any food and they treated him very bad. But what was happening with him exactly no one knows and I guess no one will ever know.

But his destiny is a very tragical in my opinion. Whatever he did or who he was..still he had a family, wife, 5 children and for them he was great Son, husband, dad. He lost his life cuz of politic or because he was just unsuitable mediator of stronger person.

Me as a muslim, I believe he will be rewarded from God so he won the war with Sisi. For me  – Morsi is a true Martyr.

“In a short period of time, he influenced many people in a positive way. He will stay unforgettable forever.”



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