Livers and Potatoes

I have been describing a lot of stuffs about Egypt during these 2 months but I suddenly realized that I forget really one important part of Egyptian culture.

Guess what ! Of course FOOD !!!

Food is one of the most important thing in this world so For sure I must include this to my blog.

Honestly I think Egyptian kitchen is very interesting and also very easy so everyone can learn it. Some food are similar to European one and some you would never guess it is exist in the world. And if you want to try some food what I will describe here – go ahead !

I do not copy the recipes from internet but I write it from my own or my friends or family experiences. So Hope you will enjoy X

P.s. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to ask me !

So today I chose to write about very easy food and very famous also. This recipe is from my friend called Mai Gamal. She is an amazing cook so I asked her for help with a recipes and she enthusiastically agreed. So here we go:




250-50 g           LIVER

1-2                      PAPER – hot or not depends on your taste

5 pieces             GARLIC

1 glass                 Oil
1 spoon               Vinger
1 teaspoon         Salt


Cooking process

You put a pot on the cooker and give inside the oil. In a bowl you will mix washed liver with cutted paper and garlic (cut it on very small pieces) and salt and vinger.
When the oil is hot you put the mixed liver. And fry it around 15 minutes. But depends on the cooker the liver will be ready when they will became hard but take care to do not burn it !
Thats all livers are ready..


You peel potatoes around 4- 5 pieces and cut them on slices and fry them too. When the color will be gold and easy on touch then its ready. It take around 10 minutes. Do not forget put salt.
Well you see its very easy so do not be afraid and try it ! Then post in comment how it was.
Thank you Mai for this amazing recipe and looking forward on another one.

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