Beshamel with Macaroni

This is one of my TOP Egyptian dishes. Everyone can make macaroni but This is really very special and delicious taste. I highly recommend you to try it as soon as possible. 


500 g  – macaronni

250 g – ground beef

250 g – tomatoes

1 piece – onion

3 cloves – garlic

1 liter – milk

1 piece- egg

a bit of butter


Herbs  – milled nutmeg, thyme, salt, white and black pepper, cinnamon, black pepper, dried coriander, cumin, fresh parsley  !!! {if you do not have all of those herbs, never mind, trust me you can use only salt, pepper and cumin and it will be also awesome } !!!


Cooking process

Macaroni with meat

  • Cook the macaroni in a boiling water  according to package instructions.
  • take a deeper pan and melt little bit of butter (or oil) and add chopped onion with a garlic and stir it till its golden brown color
  • then add ground beef and cook it on over medium heat till its brown color ( take care do not burn it, it will be brown very fast)
  • then put to the meat salt, a little ground cinnamon, black pepper, dried coriander, cumin, fresh parsley {as I already told its a option, you do not have to }
  • then put tomatoes to a mixer and whisk it till it will become smooth tomato sauce and then add the sauce on the meat in the pan.
  • Add little bit of water and cover the pan and let it cook with stirring occasionally about 10- 20 minutes.
  • At the end put 1 egg and mix it all together about 3 minutes and its Done.



  • Take a pan and melt a butter in very low heat then add a flour and mix it together. Keep mixing it in very low heat and add 1 liter of milk. Then you will mix it till the milk will became hot and very heavy – it will became a sauce of it.
  • You can put also salt and milled nutmeg
  • At the end you can add 1 egg to the sauce to make it really heavy but I do it without it.



  • Then take a baking form and put little bit of butter or oil all over form
  • Then put half of the cooked macaroni inside the form, on it add half of beshamel and on it all the cooked ground beef.
  • Then again put macaroni and the rest of beshamel.
  • On the top you can also put a cheese.
  • And bake it around 30- 45 minutes on 180 °






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