Why Napoleon Bonaparte “Lost war” in Egypt?

Everyone knows Napoleon Bonaparte and also his big passion and love for Egyptian history and art but also for his expeditions and military campaigns in Egypt. In year 1798 Napoleon decided to conquer Egypt for the sake of France and also for the desire to beat England. But why  he did not succeed? Why did Napoleon lose the war in Egypt? Now a lot of people will thinks they know the true answer but trust me the news what I will show you right now is a proof- you have no clue about Napoleon loose… Continue reading

I saw it ! Sweetness which is so delicious…Yes, It was famous Baklava!

And suddenly it’s here! Real and genuine bakery! But it is not like in Europe, that you come to the store and all the products are behind the glass, you must not breathe on them and you have to ask the seller to give you what you want. Continue reading

It` s ruins but the auditorium of Roman Amphitheatre is magical



Photo taken by Abdelrahman Elsayed

 Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. It was center of business, political meetings and favorite city of all conquerors of Egypt.

Alexandria was founded by the roman man – Alexander the Great. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt so of course all Romans fell in love with Egyptian richness as a gold, fruit, herbs, cotton etc. but also very huge and old history and undiscovered elements. Continue reading

Mohamed Morsi The truth about 5th Egyptian President

What media are writing about him is very injustice and it really and deeply touched me. When Morsi was elected as a President and then deposed,the huge amount of demonstrations started in Egypt. In this time I have already lived there. I have lived in a normal district of Egypt so I experienced the reality as a normal and usual citizen. And my own experience was so far different from the “reality of media”.
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Egyptians have 3 weddings, Today the LAST ONE !


So the last wedding is the most beautiful of all the previous weddings The bride finally has a white dress as a sign of purity. Because every Egyptian bride is immaculate.

Again you can have a wedding in a mosque or in a hall as I have mentioned several times. But whatever option you choose, you are going to really enjoy This Wedding !

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Livers and Potatoes


I have been describing a lot of stuffs about Egypt during these 2 months but I suddenly realized that I forget really one important part of Egyptian culture.

Guess what ! Of course FOOD !!!

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The Ten Commandments of Moses´s Life


My last topic today will be about Moses life itself. Because I want to prove all non believer people that this is not just a story as they say but this is REALITY, TRUE STORY which happened.

All religions – judaism, christianity and islam says the Same story, the Same point. Some people says that Islam is another religion but in fact Islam teach us that these 3 religions are from the same God and the same message and leadership for people. Judaism is the oldest one and Islam is the youngest one and it completes the religion of the previous ones.


Beshamel with Macaroni

This is one of my TOP Egyptian dishes. Everyone can make macaroni but This is really very special and delicious taste. I highly recommend you to try it as soon as possible. 

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Ramesses II. refused to believe in God but before he died he submitted “God is Exist…” EXODUS !

Today I have for you really fascinating NEWS. I think even every little child know story about cruel Pharaoh Ramesse II and his adopted son prophet Moses who lived in Egypt.
Ramesse II was very bad king who was killing a children and innocent people, he was also tyrant and non-believer. And his adopted son Moses became a prophet and he was one of the chosen from God. Moses was talking to God and listened his orders and saved his people from Ramesse cruelty and escaped with them cross Red Sea to nowadays Israel.

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Are you going to bake a Kahk? The best is from Egypt!

“Do you have Ramadan sweets? I have asked with the hope in my heart.

“Yes, it belongs to Eid. It calls Kahk and we have several kinds. You can choose the one which you like the most.”

That´s awesome! This response made me really so happy. Also it reminds me Christmas time in its own direction.. Continue reading