Ramadan 2019

Who would not know Ramadan?! It is the biggest occasion for any Muslim person. But do you know why and what does Ramadan actually means? Trust me, its the most peaceful month in the year. Let me tell you everything what I know about it….

What Ramadan Is -Facts about Ramadan

Ramadan is a name for nine moth of the Islamic Calendar. And we believe that our prophet Muhammad started to receive a Quran (our holy book) from angel Jibreel (Gabriel).



We celebrate Ramadan exactly one month (30 Days). Maybe now you can ask yourself which day exactly we start because Islamic Calendar is driven by the moon.

Well its simple – the Ramadan starts exactly with the New Moon. Till now we have a sheikhs watching the sky -worldwide and when they see the New moon they tell it to the people and Ramadan starts. In Egypt the place for watching the sky is actually mountain Sinai.

The next thing is we believe when Ramadan starts the gate of Hell are closed and Satan is beeing bound in chain and the gate of Paradise are opened and the Angels are everywhere in bigger amount and God (Allah) is much more closer to you, and mostly whatever you wish so God accepts it in this month. The Ramadan is as a present from God to a people. 


How Muslims celebrates Ramadan

In this month muslim are devoted to God Only. The main thing for Ramadan is that we are fasting. It means we do not eat, do not drink, do not have sexual intercourse, do not smoke neither drink alcohol since sunrise (fajr) till a sunset (Magrib). And we are fasting because God wants to feel us how the poor feels all the year. And its also kind of self controlling – God wants to also see if you are able to be obedient to him or not.

Mosques of Sultan Hasan and al-Rifa'i Seen from the Citadel

The 14th-century Mosque of Sultan Hasan (l), next to the Mosque of al-Rifa’i (r), which was begun in the 19th century. 1869-1911 Cairo, Egypt

So in the fasting time, we are praying, give money  to the poor people or make any good deeds to anyone and we are reading, listening, reciting, memorizing Quran. And of course we are cooking for the sunset. 

When the sunset come and you kept your fasting, you can say any wish to the God – and its gonna happen. And mostly we break our fasting with glass of water or dates, or you can make both together. Then you can start eat and drink whatever you wish and desire. Well after this “dinner” you go again pray to a mosque. The night prayers are really a lot and some people stay in the mosque all the night again till the sunrise. Because as much as you pray so God is forgiving your sins. Of course before sunrise we have compulsory breakfast and mostly its eggs and dates to keep a water in your body on the fasting time.


Well there are also some options when you do not have to fast. And it is: when you are travelling or you are ill or woman has menstruation or woman is pregnant. But the day what you missed in Ramadan you must fast any other days in the Year. But you should finish it till the Next Ramadan.

Al Qadr Night – its a Holy Night in the last 10 days in Ramadan. In this night started the relevation of Quran. But we do not know exactly when the night is. Its revealed that it can be at 21 st day or 23, 25,27,29. This night is full of mercy. God is the closest to you and you can wish again anything you want. And if you pray in this night so even all your previous sins will be forgiven. Most of people stay the last 10 days of Ramadan in the mosque and increase their praying.

Eid al Fitr – Immediately after Ramadan ends so the next morning all Muslims go on the street to pray together- even man, even woman, even children. Its a short prayer but with the sunrise its really beautiful. And after that you go visit your family and they come visit you. And in Egypt its always huge family. You have a lot of uncles and aunts and brothers and cousins  so you keep all the day busy. Actually we keep this Eid 4 days, and all those 4 days are full of food and visiting.

Okay it should be all of the description of Ramadan. Its really a lot and trust me I just lightly touched it. But if you want read more about it on internet is millions things and speaking deeply about every single part of Ramadan.

And please I am not a sheikh, I am very normal person so if  I forgot something or did not write it exactly as it is -so forgive me. I just used my own words to describe our lovely month.


I must say that almost all people in Egypt keep ramadan and if they are bad in normal days in Ramadan they are angels 😀




But I want to show you our specific sweets in Ramadan in Egypt. Its mostly Kunefa and and Kahk. And you can buy it on the street or you can make it at home. But all people are eating this sweets in Ramadan.


We also have specific drinks in Ramadan, mostly sweet and healthy. One is made from coconut, next is from dates, and there are some drinks of plants from desert and this is the most healthy.

Then the streets are full of light and everyone buy a Fanos to the home or mostly for the children. Actually I do not know the specific meaning for Fanos but we use it like a sign for Ramadan.tumblr_m7fkqwhMIE1qg1opno1_400

And the last thing what I will mention is about Eid – this is paradise for a children. In this day the adults give a money for a children. So you can imagine how much happy they are. And also most of people buy new clothes for this day.

Well done ! I think now its really all.

Hope you liked it and I am waiting your comments or if you have any question so do not be afraid to ask me.



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26 thoughts

  1. Thank you, Sajda for recently visiting and following my blog. I enjoyed reading about your Ramadan holiday and customs. It was very informative and interesting. Although we believe differently we can agree that God loves us all no matter our background, culture or from where we come, which is the way I know He wants us to love others. And the reason He sent His son Jesus to the cross to die for our sins, that we could one day live with him in His kingdom, if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. I am so thankful that I know Him in that way. I pray you will enjoy your blogging experience, find new friends, and love living in Egypt. I pray you will be blessed, and I hope you might enjoy reading some of my poetry, stories and inspirational posts on my blog site. I’m happy to have made contact with you this way. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. Its really so lovely comment from you. Sure I will look at your side and we can support each other. I am really happy to get in touch with you. Take care about yourself. I wish God will fulfill all your expectations and wishes.

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    • Thank you so much Patsy. In Islam we believe that – judaism, christianity an islam – all of them are One (the same) true religion from God.

      Liked by 1 person

        • No, not at all. If any muslim said that so he does not understand Islam at all. look we take a Mosa and Jesus as a prophets in our religion. So we believe in their words and we confirm that their words are true. and both of them told – The God is only One. 🙂

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  2. First of all, thank you for following my blog. Hope that you will like some of the posts I have written.

    Ramadan had just passed this year and it flew right away. I find it ironic how most Muslims have that love-hate relationship with that month. I think you know what I mean. How dreadful it was when it was nearing Ramadan and the countdown before it started. But once you are in the month, you just don’t want it to end. That is how I felt actually. But I love Ramadan because of how holy the month is and I felt so connected to Allah SWT. Thank you for posting such a great content to teach others about Ramadan. Much love ❤

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  3. New moon is known as Amavasya in India. Full Moon as Pournami. There is software known as tithi calculator. Entering the date and location gives the tithi from Amavasya to Purnima 🙂


  4. I do have a question; If the fasting is to feel how the poor feel, do the poor fast too? Are they part of this celebration?
    I was not aware of Ramadan until your sharing this. It feels very beautiful, fulfilling and extremely special. I actually am quite unknowing of other lands. 😦 , so do forgive is this is a silly question. 🙂 (if there is such a thing) Thank you, ren

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    • its actually excellent question and something what i forgot to mention. Well of course they fast too. I told 2 reasons actually – to feel how the poor feel (for the people who has money) and to be obedient to God (every muslim). I also told we give a money to the poor but the most important is at sunset we give them also food. We have even special tables with foods just for the poor. Anyone who will come to this table will get food for free and as much as he wants and ofcourse we have for them even drinks. And a lot of people give them clothes or medicines or whatever they need. I think Ramadan is a miracle for them its like the rich people became “poor” and the poor became “rich” 😀 simply in Ramadan they are no poor on the street, all are fully satisfied.

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