Wedding first part – Engagement

Practically all my life, since I was little child as a right European girl I was dreaming about beautiful traditional European wedding. My image of my wedding was on a meadow with flowers and horses, having a white long dress and a huge banquet with three-storey cake. Lovely dancing with my husband, kisses and end the end our big YES as a start to the new life.

But my destiny was to have totally different wedding, original, unusual, really unique wedding which no European person can even imagine…

In those following 3 articles I will describe you the rules and traditions for the Egyptian wedding…

You have something “big” to look forward to!



When I finally chose a groom to my life and I was already in Egypt, the reasoning about wedding came not only to my mind but to the real life. But the unbelievable Surprise for me  just was behind the door…My future husband asked me for an Engagement! Engagement?? Really??? Of course I know, even in Europe it is still exists but almost nobody use it..maybe in a time of our grandmothers but the history of engagement really fed away and good manners are forgotten.

However I really got engaged in Egypt according to Egyptian traditions ! And till now I think of it as the best days of my life! Unfortunately I have no photos from my engagement so I will use a random one but in following article I promise I will show you my own wedding.

The engagement is as follows: Groom has to buy a gold for his bride. Mostly its too golden rings and can be additional jewelry as a gold neckless or gold bracelet. But depends on much money can the groom spend for this occasion and also what is the bride wishes. Here is a big difference that the bride does not have anything as a surprise. Everything is agreed in advance. But not only between the groom and bride but the agreement is between the families! In the real life it actually means “agreement between parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.. simply all family from bride and groom site has to agree on every single step and find a compromise… Believe me, sometimes it is not easy but they always find way out at the end.

Související obrázek

The bride will buy a new beautiful dress in any other colour than white for the engagement. And because they are still not husbands her dress must cover all her body including her hair. But make-up, new nails, and other beauty methods are commonplace and in great expectation.

In the day “D” both of the families will meet at a predetermined location – mostly it s a father home of the bride..And one more time I want to remind you Egyptian family is little bit different than European one. Includes cca 50-100 members and more. Meals must be prepared for the guest – sandwiches, cakes and juice…then The engagement ceremony can begin.

And because we are talking about “muslim families” the ceremony is as follows: engaged couple will sit beside each other on a chairs and read the first chapter of Quran (holy book of muslim people) called AL-Fatha. In translation it means “Opening” and to start a marriage and obedience to God right with this chapter is a great opportunity and start.At the end the rest of the people will add just “amen” in meaning they wish them successfull and happy marriage.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, wedding and outdoor

After reading this chapter,  in the presence of big jubilation the groom will put the gold rings on the bride fingers on the left hand. All process takes cca 10 minutes. So it is very short but magical.

And since this day the engaged couple can be together alone and spend a beautiful time in a public places without a parents.

And what about you engagement? Did you have it? Do you remember it? I will be so glad if you will share you personal experience with me.


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