Just a perfume or real treasure?

This treasure which I am writing about is called Musk Al Tahara. It is 100% natural product and his use in not only as a perfume but also as a cure of women´s problems.

In Egypt we will find really a lot of kinds of this perfume with different pricing. Original Tahara cost since 300 Le. cca 15 dollars or we can find a copy of Tahara which cost 25 LE. cca 1 Dollar ! Isn´t it amazing?! The pricing is really so low for such a treasure ! Now you ask yourself does the copy worth if its so cheap anyway?

Yes it definitely deserves because it works! If you use the copy of Tahara so you can use it every single day and it will last 24 hours. But really I mean it ! The fragrance is so strong, it will not disappear easy. And even you will use it every day, it will keep with you cca 3 month and that´s also great ! On other site the fragrance of original Tahara will last with you one month! just use it after the period and you don´t have to care about it anymore the whole month. so it can keep with you even 1 year.

Does not matter which kind you will choose because both are perfect. You have a thousands of kinds and fragrance to choose from. But the common
fragrance is the adorable cashmere one.

However, when I found it in Egypt for the first time I did not have an idea what it is. I never heard about it before. But I admire how the pharaohs were smart, sometimes we should learn from them in the right direction. I also imagined how many women it could help in Europe, it could change even their health and lives. I guess, every woman on this earth should own this small treasure to be proud of her femininity. I wish this product will conquer the Europe one day and will be acknowledged by the cure.

And what about you? Did you hear about this treasure before?

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  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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