Wedding with Who?

Every year the Egyptians wanted to thank the river Nile for giving them a keep for a living. This is a very famous thing that the Egyptians was extremely dependent and grateful to the river Nile and their Gods for providing them a food and keeping them alive. And as a “thanks” to the river they chose the most beautiful girl from all Egypt once a year.

She had to be young and untouched – had to be a virgin. And just for her a huge feast was organized. She took a scented bath and dressed to the most luxurious and expensive dress. Adorned with a gold and beautiful jewels. Dancers, magicers, and jugglers came cross all the country just to have a fabulous feast and make our chosen girl happy. All the country was preparing her on a “wedding”

Wedding with WHO? Yes you suspect right – with our RIVER NILE. Handsome but cruel groom. Every girl who was chosen was incredibly proud and happy of this post. It was like a dream that just SHE WAS THE CHOSEN ONE. But after full day of enjoyment when the sunset started she had to go to the bank of river Nile accompanied by all Egypt. Egyptians started to drum up and our young beautiful girl had to jump to the Nile and drown herself.

This way the dept to the Nile was paid. And Egyptians rejoiced the future successful year full of food and great life.

In one old Egyptian movie they took a deep look on the chosen girl`s feeling. She stays on the bank of the Nile and she starts to look around her. She started to feel and understand what she has to do and what all the country expect and will not let her run away. And just now she started to regret of her decision. She try to find a support of eye view but all what she found was tension and eagerness from people to jump and finish this process…


Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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