Just a perfume or real treasure?

This thing I personally call the,, miracle of nature,, and the true treasure of Egypt. For someone, the treasure is diamond, gold or salt, but for me the real treasure is This ! The amazing news is that its exist since pharaoh times but the sad news is Europeans have no idea about it … and yet it could help a thousands women in Europe.

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Depends on you which way you will choose and love. But everyone who taste Halawa will fell in love with it. Just take care because its REALLY SWEET.

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Wedding with Who?

Everyone in Europe loves ancient Egypt and gossip about mummy and great discoveries. However, Egyptians themselves know much more than we know in Europe, and they have even great movies talking about pharaohs cruelty which we do not publish so much in Europe. So today I want to remind you one such cruel but true tradition .. Continue reading


Very popular Egyptian drink which was firstly introduce by Ottomans who ruled the country for a centuries. So we can say it is not Egyptian drink by origin but Turkish one ! However its too long time that I am introducing it today on a Egyptian way…. Continue reading

Sheikh – rich or educated man?

Many of us who hear this Word immediately imagine the rich and old man who is most likely living in a desert with own rich oil fields.

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Let´s Celebrate !

Did you Ever see True Egyptian celebration? No? Now you have the chance ! Celebration for the bride is amazing, full of women and their fantastic belly dancing !


Egyptian Dancing