Just a perfume or real treasure?

This thing I personally call the,, miracle of nature,, and the true treasure of Egypt. For someone, the treasure is diamond, gold or salt, but for me the real treasure is This ! The amazing news is that its exist since pharaoh times but the sad news is Europeans have no idea about it … and yet it could help a thousands women in Europe.

This treasure which I am writing about is called Musk Al Tahara. It is 100% natural product and his use in not only as a perfume but also as a cure of women´s problems.

In Egypt we will find really a lot of kinds of this perfume with different pricing. Original Tahara cost since 300 Le. cca 15 dollars or we can find a copy of Tahara which cost 25 LE. cca 1 Dollar ! Isn´t it amazing?! The pricing is really so low for such a treasure ! Now you ask yourself does the copy worth if its so cheap anyway?

Yes it definitely deserves because it works! If you use the copy of Tahara so you can use it every single day and it will last 24 hours. But really I mean it ! The fragrance is so strong, it will not disappear easy. And even you will use it every day, it will keep with you cca 3 month and that´s also great ! On other site the fragrance of original Tahara will last with you one month! just use it after the period and you don´t have to care about it anymore the whole month. so it can keep with you even 1 year.

Does not matter which kind you will choose because both are perfect. You have a thousands of kinds and fragrance to choose from. But the common
fragrance is the adorable cashmere one.

However, when I found it in Egypt for the first time I did not have an idea what it is. I never heard about it before. But I admire how the pharaohs were smart, sometimes we should learn from them in the right direction. I also imagined how many women it could help in Europe, it could change even their health and lives. I guess, every woman on this earth should own this small treasure to be proud of her femininity. I wish this product will conquer the Europe one day and will be acknowledged by the cure.

And what about you? Did you hear about this treasure before?


Depends on you which way you will choose and love. But everyone who taste Halawa will fell in love with it. Just take care because its REALLY SWEET.


1 cup of icing sugar

½ cup of Tahini paste

1 cup of milk powder

½ a cup of pistachio, nuts or almonds

Cooking process

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly to one piece. Then put it in a sealable dish and leave it to rest in the fridge for a 24 hours. Halawa is mostly eaten as an Egyptian breakfast with Arabian bread.

Tip: Nuts, pistachios or almonds You can add to halawa as you like, depends on your taste or you can skip them at all. Great is also halawa with chocolate.

Wedding with Who?

Everyone in Europe loves ancient Egypt and gossip about mummy and great discoveries. However, Egyptians themselves know much more than we know in Europe, and they have even great movies talking about pharaohs cruelty which we do not publish so much in Europe. So today I want to remind you one such cruel but true tradition ..

Every year the Egyptians wanted to thank the river Nile for giving them a keep for a living. This is a very famous thing that the Egyptians was extremely dependent and grateful to the river Nile and their Gods for providing them a food and keeping them alive. And as a “thanks” to the river they chose the most beautiful girl from all Egypt once a year.

She had to be young and untouched – had to be a virgin. And just for her a huge feast was organized. She took a scented bath and dressed to the most luxurious and expensive dress. Adorned with a gold and beautiful jewels. Dancers, magicers, and jugglers came cross all the country just to have a fabulous feast and make our chosen girl happy. All the country was preparing her on a “wedding”

Wedding with WHO? Yes you suspect right – with our RIVER NILE. Handsome but cruel groom. Every girl who was chosen was incredibly proud and happy of this post. It was like a dream that just SHE WAS THE CHOSEN ONE. But after full day of enjoyment when the sunset started she had to go to the bank of river Nile accompanied by all Egypt. Egyptians started to drum up and our young beautiful girl had to jump to the Nile and drown herself.

This way the dept to the Nile was paid. And Egyptians rejoiced the future successful year full of food and great life.

In one old Egyptian movie they took a deep look on the chosen girl`s feeling. She stays on the bank of the Nile and she starts to look around her. She started to feel and understand what she has to do and what all the country expect and will not let her run away. And just now she started to regret of her decision. She try to find a support of eye view but all what she found was tension and eagerness from people to jump and finish this process…


Very popular Egyptian drink which was firstly introduce by Ottomans who ruled the country for a centuries. So we can say it is not Egyptian drink by origin but Turkish one ! However its too long time that I am introducing it today on a Egyptian way….


2 cups of milk

1/2 cup of water

2 teaspoon of corn starch

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 tablespoon of sugar

1/2 cup of coconut

for topping: cinnamon, pistachio and raisins

Cooking process

  • Put the milk into a pot in the middle fire.
  • Mix the corn starch with water and put it to the milk.
  • Add sugar and while stirring – bring it to boil.
  • Cook for 2 minutes and after wean it.
  • Add vanilla, coconut and pour into cups.
  • Decorate with cinnamon, pistachios and raisins.

Well very easy, very simple drink but too delicious… I highly recommend you to try it and you will not regret !

Sheikh – rich or educated man?

Many of us who hear this Word immediately imagine the rich and old man who is most likely living in a desert with own rich oil fields.

Man who has control over all people in desert and absolutely is not gentle and kind type of person. However today I am going to show you that this conviction is not right and meaning of this word can be even different.

Deep misunderstanding or language barrier ???

Maybe both, however, we have 3 meanings of the word ,,Sheikh,,.

1.Sheikh as a wise man

He can be 50 or 12 years old. It does not matter at this point. It is important how much man is educated, not just in religion, but mainly in life. We always get advices to our life from these people.

2. Sheikh as a old man

A man who is an grandad or older- usually 50+, we call him Sheikh only in respect of his age. Of course, we help such a man if it is possible.

3. Sheikh as a rich man

And as a last one, he can be a rich man. Yes, it can be a man from desert or owner of oil, but he can also be a very normal man who lives in the city or in the village but has his property.

We call him thus in respect of his property or position in his life.

I believe I have just explained one of the most used Arabic word and I want to know what other Arabic words you know from real life or movies ???

Let´s Celebrate !

Did you Ever see True Egyptian celebration? No? Now you have the chance ! Celebration for the bride is amazing, full of women and their fantastic belly dancing !

Egyptian Dancing