Beautiful perfection of Egypt

I have long thought about the question and, of course, before I entered Egypt at all, my first passion were pyramids and Pharaohs As for any other European but Egypt is much more …

Even after 5 years when I meet new people they still ask me the same question…Why do you love Egypt? Why did you live there? And what were you doing there?

I love Egypt for the life liberty that people have – freedom of mind and freedom of spirit. These qualities form Egyptian people one of the most powerful nations on earth. They have a very specific character which can not be influenced by occupation, wars or invasions of European countries and their lifestyle we can call ,, poetry of life,,.


Egyptians have a white heart, and even you can easily hurt them so they can quickly forget about it and they always Will accept you and host you. Nevertheless, their true lives and traditions are very protective, and even though they love strangers And foreigns they will not reveal their secrets and will not accept someone just like each other. To get between them, you have to know someone who believes you and recccomend you to others, it takes time and patience …

But I love Egypt as a country for its beauty and utter perfection. You will find everything from the most famous desert, the river, the sea as well as forests, trees, waterfalls, mountains, fields, historical monuments and miracles. different tribes, different religions, different cultures and everything can live together in perfect harmony.

Whoever never was in the Egyptian desert does not know the real beauty of Egypt … It is my most beautiful memory of all my life. For me desert is the safest place on the earth, you feel that the whole world belong just to you, and you feel great humility and respect for God. the colors around you are brighter and brighter than anywhere else in the world and the same stars. Thousands, millions of stars  you will see in the night sky in the desert as bright as anywhere else. Eating, flavor, entertainment are totally different, everything is far better than we know and people live here just like they used to for centuries …

I wanted to stay there forever, I did not want to go back to the normal world and life… IT was so stunning for me and it struck my heart that I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my life there … but the fate wanted it differently and I am very grateful to have this experience gained that God introduced me this place there and I believe it was not the last time, surely one day  I will come back again …

Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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