Unstable boy wrote identical reality


But because the facts is all over the Internet, I will tell it to you on my own way . I’ll put you in a story that will fascinate you and freeze your skin. It is important that at final, you make your own opinion about it. So listen carefully, the story starts…

Once upon a time, 

there was a young boy who suffered with depression and was very unstable. He lived in a city called Marsa Matrooh but he need a change the environment for a while. He decided to go on a trip and also invited his 2 best friends. The place of the trip he chose Alexandria – one of the greatest touristic place in Egypt. And perhaps because it is closest city to Marsa Matrooh.

When he arrived to Alexandria as a first he visited bridge called Stanley Bridge. One of The pearl of Alexandria and also crime scene. 

Just when they were taking a photos, it happened. Car accident, unknown car which just crossed Alexandria crushed to the 3 best friends and all get injured. All, except one…One of the friend fall straight into the sea. The other two friends ended in hospital.

People jumped to the sea and searched for the boy immediately. But no one could find the him. The government rent the best divers all around the Egypt. Thousands of divers and volunteers searched for the unlucky boy but unsuccessfully. Do you know what a boy fall down to the sea??? Of course our unstable young boy…

 Family of the boy had mourned for him a long time but then suddenly they found a story on his Facebook written by himself.  And the shock came ! The story what the young unstable boy wrote was identical with the reality ! Can you believe it? Just one small supplement was missing ..

“I wish that no one ever find the body of the boy who will fell down to the sea. And I wish to be this boy…”

Till today the body of the boy was not found. Or the divers found one a body and identify it the boy`s one but the mother and father of this boy resolutely denied it. “He is not our son” reported. The doctors made a test of DNA but still they did not published the results.

The mother of the boy still saying “I feel he is alive.” Mother`s feeling? Or just simply a wish?

I do not know if we ever will know the truth but this story fascinated all the world. Young unstable boy who predicted his destiny? Words and wished are sometimes really dangerous. Person should be careful of what he wish and write…

And last thing: One of the friends died. And before he died told “No one of us will stay alive.” So will die even the last friend? It is a really sad story but fascinated…

Personally I do not know my opinion about it. I believe that everything is in God hands but I also guess such a people are connected with a devil or ghosts or simply a magic which the person always destroy. Or is it simply fortuity? However does fortuity exist???


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7 thoughts

    • well I told so also ! This was my first though about it but unfortunately there are thing which I cannot explain neither someone else. because the car who crashed him it was really unknown person who have been in Alexandria for this first time in his life and just passing through … and btw the driver was a man and he has with him his own family.. so I though he could pay someone unknown to crash him but in such a case the driver will not put his family to a risk. and even if he planed the death really so how come they did not find the body? I though also about possibility that he could be good swimmer and swim to different town or even country but the people where watching him and did not see anything… he really like disappeared. and more over why his friend would die? they say he did not die in hospital but he died when he was at home and already okay…I have to admit to write about this I really do not like… it makes me always scared

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      • Our minds are quite powerful, when we desire something it is like the universe would order to grant our wishes and just we let the pieces fall. As the story seems to have not an end yet I hope it gets a brighter output as there are persons suffering. :l

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        • this your opinion I have read in a lot of magic books time before. Nowadays I would say better God is listening every your word. And for your words, thoughts you are also responsible and God will put you to the right life test…..At the end these our opinions are the same just from different view.

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