Egypt vs Europe: Younger vs older

So the question that came to me this time is exactly the following: Why are the youngest children the most spoilt? I have really thought about it for a long time, and I have to say from 99% it is in all families. Do not you believe? I’ll give you some evidence.

This time I will start with Europe … and surprisingly I will start with me.. You know I have a younger brother and a lot younger compared to me. He is the little mumy man who can not do anything without her and he has everything what he wants and desires and what I never had at his age.. Well, comparison with my brother does not have to be unbiased and for this reason I will give you more evidences.. However, my best friend has a younger sister and she confirmed her sister is the same as my brother. I also asked my grandmothers who also had two children and also we can see that the second child is more pampered. My grandmother’s mother had 3 daughters and the youngest of them is staying with her mum till now and she is about 40 years old now.

But away from my family now … this story is not about my family tree: D

I also have a friend much older than me who has 4 children and I see that her youngest child is the most pampered, cared,loved and spoiled.

So this question should sound like Why is it so? Why does the oldest child have to fight with great difficulty, and the younger ones have a good time? Where does it just get? Is it because of that mother personally? Perhaps because she is afraid she will not have another baby so she wants to enjoy the youngest as much as possible? Why do parents give more love to the youngest? Or is it that the youngest child by crying and anger can have anything he wants? Maybe the parents do not have a strength on the child anymore,so they better do what the youngest want? Most of the youngest children grow up to individuals who can not take care of themselves very well but also they are very proud about themselves … at least this what I’ve seen around me in Europe….

To shrunk it so I find it really unfair especially because I know how it feels to be the older one 😀 But on the other hand, I do not envy the younger children.

For example I had to fight and work for everything I wanted in my life and even with my family. So It stayed with me to the life and I am a player who is playing to the end. But the younger one for example my brother he gives up everything on the start if it is not easy or pleasant for him.

Okay so now  I will finish with Europe and lets move to next chapter..

I have long thought about Egypt. Whether there is any difference in the children and education. And yes, in children’s education there is certainly a big difference, but unfortunately, it comes to me that the result compared to the elderly with the younger sibling is totally identical.

As far as the family of my husband or friend is concerned, so in Egypt, the younger child is favored than the older one. With the same result I think they will grow up with a spoiled and weak individual who is extremely dependent on mom. So I found that the differences between Europe and Egypt are really great to this point. I think at this point the two countries really do match.

But I think it’s a problem, a social problem. I personally like justice. Unfortunately, I did not find justice among siblings. It is strange that every mom says she loves her children evenly. But if you think about it deeply, that’s impossible.

For example, if you have replaced multiple partners, or you have more wife or men. You will never love anyone twice as well. A thousand times I heard the saying that love for children is quite different than a partner love, and yes, in a way, because you are responsible for your children life, but I still think it’s impossible to love your children evenly. Every child has a different character, different qualities, experience, bad and good habits, each is otherwise talented. And apparently you will love more the child that is closer to you and you understand him. And this in my view is absolutely natural and normal. But the children themselves, especially siblings, should not feel this difference on the mum.

So even though I have explained all the reasons in a beautiful and detailed way, it remains a mystery why younger children receive more love and attention and can afford more to their parents?

Maybe I will really surprise you today but I just do not have the answer, I can not figure it out, even on two very different continents with the same result. If anyone has an answer I will be happy if you write it to me to the comments.

However, I’m not sure if this reflection belongs to my blog but please take it as a relaxing reflection on the sibling problem. But at least I’ve finally given you proof that children are the same all over the world. And it does not matter on religion, skin color or nationality. Children are and will be only a children.

Finally, do not to think that I’m somewhat biased toward my brother. No way. Really me and my brother have a wonderful relationship, and I love him very much. This was really just a reflection on the outcome of growing up.

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13 thoughts

  1. I think love is nothing, it’s a way of each other blackmailing. When we can’t nothing to do we using the sentence. Also making logic for our mentally support. Maybe I’m wrong or right. It’s not make any obligation for me. Because I’m very interested leering about human nature.
    If I’m wrong please text me and let me know about of your blog explanation.
    Kind regards

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    • Maybe my comments going to be different contrast. I’m extremely sorry for that. But waiting your soft response about human nature explanation from you.


    • Hello, its totaly fine with me that you have absolutely different opinion. Thats how the people learn from each other. So feel free on my blog as long as it will stay polite way.
      Anyway i cannot agree with you. I m the extremely biggest supporter of love actually. And my favorite sentence is love is part of God and God is part of Love. Surely love is exists, the warm pleasant feeling which we feel towards other people,things or moments..but i can agree sometimes human nature use a love the wrong way..


      • Thanks for your lovely response. I’m extremely sorry for my comments. But it is true I’m not agree with you. And I know I’m wrong. But true is mind is nothing because where our brain is everything.


        • No need to be sorry for ur comments..i m happy you asked actually. Look maybe someone hurted you in your life and thats why you do not believe in love anymore? The life seem about money,power and so on. But imagine little baby he knows nothing about world and still feel the love of his is able to do nothing except accept love. And btw if a hate and jelous are exist so love must also..because its the same things just from different points…just think about it if you can


          • It’ is true , you are brilliant lady. I’m always keep you my prayers. Yes I’m chatted with someone. I’ve one daughter and one son. Trust is gone my life. I don’t trust any human. I can’t find out the her goals also I haven’t any guilty feeling for her. I was going to be destroy,& dissaponted, but I’ know I’m stand back. Because I’m business man . It’s not my point. My point is why people’s playing with emotions.


            • I guess every person in this world is going trough similar problems and feelings.. when you are so young so you are naive and have high expectation from the others or you think the other person will make you happy but listen this….
              Do not expect anything from anyone so you can never be dissapointed at all…
              And you must understand “The happiness comes from inside of you” not from the other people… Do not wait the other will make you happy, instead make happy yourself..
              Then other sentence I read in very wise book and very historical one “Love and you will be loved” It means first you give your feeling without fear then the life or God will reback it to you…
              It is not wise to be broken because of one person or certain people.. If you love yourself enough nobody and nothing can make you down.. So it is just about you.. work on yourself and you will be happy again..Thats my advice to you

              anyway… thank you for your beautiful word to me ….

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