Real Life or Utopia?

One cannot influence to which environment is born and since babyhood is grown up in line with religious beliefs of family or national`s ideologies.

Before person is adult, he already is so affected that he thinks the only right conviction is “what his family or surroundings believe in”

But person will meet with other different people in his adulthood and then begin to critically review their own life conviction.

Nowadays a person is considered as a self-sufficient but when life disappointment comes (loss of partner, death of family member, failure in studies, depression, inability to associate with the society, helplessness in finding work etc..) he tends to blame someone else and this way to get rid of responsibility for his own failure.

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On other side when the person is doing well and has everything what he desires for and never experienced anything tragic so then all people assume that such a person must be and is really happy ! So why even such a people fall to panic, depression and searching for help in drugs, alcohol, random sexual satisfaction and much more?!

In both cases a person is searching for something which could possibly help him. Sometimes it can be already previous mentioned alcohol, other time it can be family, partner or children, some people searching help in magic or in shopping or travelling, some are searching for the truth in philosophy, politics, sects and religions. Kinds of things in which people seek help is infinite.



 believe in something and hope for something


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Something that will help and make life easier. If person wants to be happy so he must accept the fact that he is not self-sufficient and makes a mistakes therefore nothing in human life can be perfect.

And that`s absolutely normal and totally alright.


On other side person must have in his mind that he is entitled to rights:   

1.The most basic and the most natural right is the RIGHT TO LIFE for all the people including unborn babies (of course only if it not harmful on the mother or the baby itself)

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2. And when we are already alive so we want to live a life in safety. And whoever saves the life of another person, it is as if he saved life for all mankind.

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3. And surely everyone should appreciate a women. Women should be respected and protected under all circumstances. No man should commit a violence,extramarital act or a crime on a woman.  The woman has a right on education the same as a man. A woman is a diamond in all human society because she has a difficult life task – to ensure the offspring and thus the continuation of all mankind !

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4. Every citizen has the right to a basic standard of living.  If we are in a position that we can help or someone ask us for a help or we alone find that someone need a help – we should simply do it and do our best.  But do not forget that every person is free. Slavery or human trafficking in our society should not exist. On the contrary we should behave honestly and fairly to every person, including our enemies. This is not just for a people of our country but for all the people around the world.


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5. All people are equal regardless of skin color or nationality. We should treat with each other as we are brothers and sisters. each person has the right to decide who he will be and with whom he meets or will not. A person who commits bad deeds and behave badly (can be even family member or neighbor)  cannot expect that people will treat him nicely or will help him in case of need. A bad person should be righteously punished. Kind, and nice person with a good character ( and does not have to be our close person) can expect that people will treat him good way, help him in all cases and  will be his companions and supporters.


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Someone can all this article call Extremely Utopia but believe an endless people found in this system a calm, piece, satisfaction and happiness because its working in a lot of countries for a centuries. 

If you want the human society to work so then one cannot do what he wants – it would bring just a confusion, anger and injustice.

There always must exist law, justice and punishment.

and the most righteous and most venerable system which was found and submitted in all the mankind history is – ISLAM.


Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

8 thoughts

  1. Certainly I agree mostly with the virtues pointed in the article but the last part , well I am from a native culture in South America, I appreciate and love my culture and choice but perhaps I wouldn’t call it superior to the others, nor I could think in my believes to be inferior and a less venerable system :c. I think each one has to choose its way to be happy. For example in our culture we have an egalitarian patriarchal/matriarchal society, both woman and man has to have dreams and both should be respected and protected becase violence can come from both sides and besides the offspring is a task of both man and woman so actually the point three it would be incompatible with our culture or respect to both, because diamonds are stores and hided, (the negative side of “treadure”) but women are not diamond, are human beings with their dreams and beliefs we have to care. At least that’s our point of view.

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    • Thank you for ur comment. I highly appreciate it and let me explain you the last point. I called a women a diamonds because european always say that muslim girls are slaves and have to stay in home as a prison and they r not free etc. So by the word ,,diamond,, i didnt mean a women are a thing but i meant women should be treated with honour, respect and appreciate womens value..and in islam men are doing least my opinion. I also didnt want to insult other cultures, but islam is my life and something i believe in so i just wanted make the point of islam closer to people :

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  2. I’m kareem from egypt and I read some of your articles which were quite interesting , and I hope that you be happy and succeful in your life ,and thank Allah that he led you to islam which is getting stronger by people like you who can use their pen to touch the people hearts and give them a good muslim idle …

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    • Thank you so much. I am happy that my articles about Egypt was interesring for you as Egyptian..its really great feeling. In these past two years i was fighting with myself if to continue this blog or not. Or if to write just about egypt or even europe as i do right now..its quite of confusing what is the right way but thank to your words i guess its really worth to continue this blog any way.. Hope you will be happy too in your life


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