How Egyptian Girls spend lifetime?

I know a lot of Egyptian girls will hate me now and they will fight with me that what I have wrote is really not true but this is what I see on my own eyes and me as a girl I have been cross all these points so actually I am describing my own I am sorry very much if someone will be angry at me, I do not want to insult anyone but this is really the truth and I am going to spread it to the world. …
Okay here we go I am going to give you few points about Egyptian girl`s mentality and lets start with this one:


Are you surprised? Well, a lot of people say that because Egypt is country of sun so the extremely hot makes the people lazy. It can be true but only in summer and it takes around 3-5 months. So What about the rest of the year? Egypt is really not hot all the time. In winter actually I really prefer Europe because I cannot afford the cold in Egypt. Anyway the laziness has totally different source …
Even at home, even at work the Egyptians girls love to have a rest and do not like to be overload by work.. if this happens they are gonna complain or even stop the work. Their traditional and very common word is “taabena” (Tired). It is really girl`s habit here and the most funny thing is they are tired 24 hours every day.
Of course like in every country we have an exceptions and sometimes you find a girl who do not use this word and is extremely active but its in my point 2% of girls population.



OMG I swear I swear I swear I swear on everything in my life I hate this Egyptian girl`s habit.
You know every woman in this world is cleaning every day and its totally normal and it is fine with me but the way how they make it in Egypt its really killing me…look at it:
Most of the Girls in Egypt stays at home its simply habit in Egypt but the problem is they do not know what to do with their free time. Most of them has no hobby at all. So what can they do with their free time actually? They decided to clean..But they clean one room and when they finish so after 5 minutes they make the mess again and this way they continue in all the flat over and over. There is no system in their cleaning ..they just clean and messy clean and messy since they wake up till they go the result at the end is they are cleaning all the time but at the end NOTHING IS DONE.


Image result for cleaning clip art


This also come out from the boredom. If the girl stays at home so no Egyptian girl love to be alone at home so one of the way how to kill the loneliness is to talk on mobile. They even have no important topic what to speak about, sometimes they have not topic at all but you will see Egyptian girls stuck with their mobiles 24 hours …they are calling over and over to all people what they know just to speak…and from too much speaking they have too much problems so then they have something to speak about and solve so it will start all the process again. This I see as a wasting time and money.

Anyway I already wrote about this you can read it right HERE.



this is the second way how they are killing the boredom. But I have actually for you only one sentence and I guess you can understand everything from it:

“Let’s watch every single episode of every single series on Tv”
And you can also put Internet its another very famous hobby for them.



They love and adore to visit each other too much and also love to talk all the time without rest..even its nonsense talking and useless so for them its too enjoyable moment. They never have enough of it.


Well Egyptian girls try their best to look like a models on the streets and they really love to be stylish and modern. They love to shop clothing all the time from this I think they never will get enough but I have just one little problem...for example a lot of times the girl does not take a shower every day so obviously the body itself is dirty, but even they are dirty they try to look perfect. Sometimes they have even the clothes dirty but they wore it  in modern style. So in the first look you say they are really beautiful but when you go closer you will find its just a pretending in my point ..




Girls are crazy about how they look like and they spend a life time in a beauty center and they love to make a very strong make up ! specially a brides and sometimes its true disaster. Or its too beautiful in the wedding but after wedding night sometimes the man does not believe who he married 😀 we have a lot of funny stories about this.

Image may contain: 1 person

Example of good make up




YEA, about this I wrote in my blog a lot of times already but its still true. Does not matter which animal it is they are afraid of all but of course the 2 animal monsters here are dogs and cat. They simply grow up to be afraid or better saying their parents learnt them because they are also afraid.



Damn..they love to eat too much. But not a Nonsensical food as we do in Europe but I speak about valuable food as a rice, potatoes meat and so on. But really they love to eat a full dishes all the time. You can feel and in Egypt they just eat, eat and do nothing else. But they really enjoy the food. They are gourmets.



Egyptian girls love to celebrate everything. Does not matter who the celebration it is or for which reason but if they here some celebration is going to happen they all wants to join and mostly they really join. They really live for such a moments.

Maybe for this reason every Egyptian girl has a 3 weddings and party even before the wedding..I am just joking of course 3 weddings has a different reasons…and I will explain it to you in following articles.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing, wedding and indoor



 Girls use to speak sweet and good words all the time to all people. Even on street even on important places or at home. And even if they are fighting they still keep saying words as sweetheart, darling etc.. but i m not sure if its right, its kind of lying or pretending because they actually did not mean it. Its just a way of speaking here does not  come from their heart.



It seems that it is in Egyptian blood. They are having a problems 24 hours every day all the year. Well i think its from the talking too much then you have a lot of problems. Anyway trust me if they over one problem they are gonna make immediately new one. Sometimes the reasons are serious and sometimes really very silly but honesty after 3 years of staying in Egypt I got hardly bored of this.



Take care because every Egyptian girl is gonna judge you by a face expressions. So even you are in bad mood or you think that someone is idiot its better to keep smiling. If you are frown one time it can lead you really to hell here. I told you they are masters of making problems and one bad face expression can involve you not just one problem but a thousands of problems.



Egyptian girls are too proud. You know if you are a friend with them or simply in good time so its fine.. They are gonna speak and treat you very nicely and help you a lot but if you are in a bad or fighting time with them so you have to put to your mind those 3 rules:
they are always right, they are never mistaken, they will never seriously apologies to you.
So if you wants to finish a fight with them I highly recommend you apologize to them as a first and possible immediately. Because they will never finish the fight so be more clever and finish it as a first. on other side they are white hearted and they can forget about the fight very fast.



We cannot forget about this point. Way of speaking in Egypt is too loud. Girls are talking,smiling, fighting extremely loud. And way I say extremely so its 10 times more then you can imagine. The funny thing is if they speak in a group they never listen each other they just want to say their thing right away so all are speaking in the same time and screaming cross each other. Really enjoyable moment for people who love calmness.



Welcome in modern world. Egyptian girls love to have a photo-sessions in every occasion or celebrations. but they also love a normal photos..they photo each other also every day all the time on every place. Photos really occupied their mind.
Honestly this is a problem of nowadays in our modern world. I think everyone make photos too much but still on Egyptian girls I see it too much more than just much.

Image may contain: 1 person, camera

Photo from a photo session



they do not know whats the meaning of true friendship at all. You know every girls has a hundreds another friends but its just a people who you know but you cannot trust them or rely on them in the bad time. In Egypt to get a friends its really too easy but they will not stay forever and as I told in a bad times they will not help you. also girl who is not engaged or married she appears as a perfect friend but in time when she got a man she is gonna blow all her friend and forget about them and she focus just on the man. its like the friendship here is just on a particular time..
So if you ever find a true, honest friend who can help you in a bad times – its a really miracle in Egypt and I advice you never let go such a friend here because you does not have to find it again.
I really knew a huge amount girls in Egypt and each of them wants to be my friend because I am a foreign but from this big amount of girls i found only 2 true friends. and I am really grateful for it..
notice this friend topic with an Egyptian boys its something totally different. This belong really for a girls…



Every girl in Egypt wants to travel out of Egypt. but the real problem is they never was outside so they do not know how hard it is to change a place of living or faith and destiny.  Here in Egypt they are actually save and have a comfortable life.  They just have no idea how hard their life would be outside. They just think they can keep their lifestyle and habits in another country exactly the same way as they do here without any change. But in reality they would have to work very hard and lot of hours. And they are not ready on it at all.

With a men case its different, I know a lot men who travel outside and were successful in what they wanted but they are different from a girls.


Thank you for reading, I hope you learnt a new things from this article and I already look forward on your comments.

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13 thoughts

  1. The thing about the showering I’m going to say maybe not all Egyptian girls are not bathing everyday, putting back on the same dirty undergarments and clothes. I don’t think all’s doing this. But I do have to say when I was in Egypt I witnessed this.


  2. Very biased and inaccurate point of view. Egyptian girls go to schools, exercise, work, travel, hold executive positions. Even positive aspects as sweet talk, you are looking at in a very negative way. Guess you have never been able to understand Egyptians.


  3. As for daily bathing, I am an exaggeration. The Egyptians are Muslim peoples whose religion depends on purity, ablution and ablution five times a day. They cannot be the Europeans who use tissues when entering the bathroom are better clean and clean than they are.


  4. Some of the words are correct, but it seems that you are dealing with a luxury class, as many Egyptian women share their work with their husbands and support their families, including doctors, engineers, and owners of prestigious centers who work all the time, especially the poor class of them, and they represent a large percentage.


  5. I hate the fact that you generalised your topic, but we can’t deny most of that is true about some of Egyptian girls … but you Google that you mentioned at the beginning it is based on your experience and what you personally saw, so I believe you should change the topic’s title. let’s say you had a bad luck meeting decent Egyptian girls 😂


        • Hhhhh you made me laugh more, i know a lot of egyptian girls fought with me that what i wrote is untrue but i m writing from the view how I see it as European and european who was in Egypt agree with me…anyway i didnt want to insult anyone but no other girls are as egyptian one..they are really special


  6. When talking of all ages of girls in America, then
    over all, you are right, American girls are different in many ways.
    And yet, that is hard to truly say. It depends where in America you are looking at the girls.
    City girls can be way different than country girls.
    Rich girls can be way different than poor girls.


  7. When you say ‘girls’… are you talking of teenage girls?

    Mobile phone…if only they knew about the radiation that is shooting through their heads as they hold that device to the ear…..

    I quit television in 2010…everyone should try it!
    Great info in your post here…very interesting. In some cases, the girls sound a lot like America girls….thank you for the sharings….


    • Oh i did not notice the girl mistake..but actually its about all girls and women..they r the same since born till death in such traditions..i know its hard to believe but its know when i lived in europe i also did not watch Tv but here i changed but i wanna stop again..anyway i cannot believe american girls are the same as egyptian…i though american are different…such a disappointment 😀


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