Molokhia or Corchorus olitorius and also we can know it under name Jew’s Mallow is a national dish in Egypt ! 

The history say the first one who ever ate it was a Jewish man but it is not sure 100 % but what I am pretty sure about that Molokhia was eating PHARAOHS, well all of them. This food is simply too old that we even cannot remember the start but It is healthy as nothing on this earth. .. Continue reading

How Egyptian Girls spend lifetime?

I know a lot of Egyptian girls will hate me now and they will fight with me that what I have wrote is really not true but this is what I see on my own eyes and me as a girl I have been cross all these points so actually I am describing my own I am sorry very much if someone will be angry at me, I do not want to insult anyone but this is really the truth and I am going to spread it to the world. … Continue reading

Biggest Tomb in Egyptian history Ever !

This year actually is really a BIG YEAR for archaeologists in Egypt. Almost every week we have a new discovery ! Some are small and some big but discovery what I am going to write about it Today is really Something ! Because archaeologists themselves called it as The Biggest Tomb in Egyptian history what they had ever found till now.

Let´s have a look at it…

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