Cairo-The best Koshari place ever

Usually if I travel for Czech Embassy I have meeting there around 9 am BUT this time for good luck they changed the time and my meeting was around 14:00 ! What a perfect time ! Really, because I could sleep normally all the night and wake up at 6 am – which is my normal time for waking up. But let me tell you the secret if I have meeting at 14:00 in Cairo I have to leave at 8 am from Alexandria to reach it in time. 

We (me and my family) decided to take a train, its not faster than a bus but there are no traffic jam and its more comfortable. So we got on train station a

In the wagon, sitting on the land

t 7:45 and our train left at 8:15 but big surprise for me was that my husband did not buy a tickets for us. He had a friend whose dad was driving the train so we could enter for free but with one condition.. because it was a modern train every ticket has its own seat so if we have no ticket we have no seats.


The friend of my husband assured us we always will find some place free but what a stupid surprise – the train was absolutely full, there was no free place to sit so we had to sit on the land between the wagons. You cannot imagine how angry I was ! The first moment I was too pissed off that I refused to sit down and was standing for one hour and watching the countryside which actually by its beauty calm me down.

Well, we were not the only people who sit on the land, there was quite a lot which made the situation more complicated.

But after one hour some man gave me his place for sitting. Yeah, he was too kind and I was too happy at the end…


Cairo train station

After 2,5 hours when we finally arrived to Cairo train station I was like Alice in Wonderland…we walked to such an amazing hall that my words are not enough to describe the beauty..For this one little moment of happiness my suffering was worth.

The hall which amazed me !

I was staring on the cell and the all hall really too long time and even the Scale model of the train station made me too happy. But there was no time for admiring it we had to move on…

scale model

We went to the metro station and went by metro in front of the embassy place. Actually it was about 6 station by metro but this time for good luck it was not crowded. That was another shock you know Cairo is always crowded so it was kind of miracle. Then another bigger shock the weather was only 28 °C !  I have never experienced so cold weather in Cairo, mostly the weather is around 35-50 °C. But it was really good for us but surely I felt too hot. We arrived in front of the embassy but it was around 12:00 and we had so much time still. We tried to ask if the woman is available for us but the answer was of course negative. Never mind, we went to profession photographer because we needed some photos and then we went to the restaurant for a KOSHARI !

The best place for KOSHARI EVER IS A CAIRO but I had never tried it there.It was the first time and I will never , ever regret it. If its possible I would eat it every single day. It was too different from Alexandria`s Koshari.




in the middle is the red spicy sauce












I do not understand how till now, because there were the same ingredients, same looking but the taste 100% different. They also brought us a very spicy sauce from red pepper and I got desire to try it. Understand me, I hate spicy food and I cannot afford it but this time I wanted to try it and yea I really did ! The biggest mistake of my life. I put just 3 small drops of the sauce on a big spoon of koshari and hell I though my head will die. And since this time anything I ate was spicy too. Then my husband informed me they leave the red pepper in the oil for 1 year to be really spicy. Actually I should listen him and do not try it because even he likes spicy food he refused to eat it…he knew why …


Then we ordered rice with a milk and nuts and coconut…damn the same thing, it was too too delicious !!! The same looking as in Alexandria but the taste in Cairo as from paradise. 

rice with a milk


very similar sweet to rice with a milk but without rice and with cinnamon



13:00 – time to leave the koshari restaurant and go back to the embassy.

But all the way to the embassy I was flying in happiness from the food.





Then I entered the embassy and deal with everything what I had to solved except the photos..we had to go for the photographer one more time because he made our first photos wrong but he was polite and admitted his mistake and did not want another money for the new photos..I finished on the embassy around 3:30 and met another Czech people so I spoke with them and made new friendship, it was kind of good and then we had to hurry up for our transport to Alexandria.

This time we decided for an air conditioned bus called EasyJet. It should arrived at 16:20 but the bus was one hour late – Welcome to Egypt.


ticket to Easy jet bus -50 LE.

On the way back we all slept but I woke up exactly on the view of pyramid ! I was again too happy I saw pyramid from the bus because I did not see it really long time..I missed it.

When we arrived to Alex it was 8:30 pm. and I do not know why but me and my husband got crazy from the food and went to another restaurant for a shawerma and chicken to our favorite restaurant which I already described before so I am not going to write about it again.

At home we arrived at 10 PM and we were dead but such a beautiful “food day” is not happening every day. I will save this day in my memory forever.



Books I wrote, you can read here:

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  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

4 thoughts

  1. What a long day you had. Interesting adventure too and I do not like spicy food either.
    Did you change the name of your blog? I like the camel picture. Did you take it? I have a smiling camel on the sidebar of my Branching Out blog. He makes for a happy blog…

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    • Nice to hear from you again my dear friend.. yea I changed the name of my blog to more personal name because I figured out the blog is not about Egypt but its just all about Me. So I changed a lot of thing and prepared another new articles hopefully will post it soon..I just took a break time to figure out how to continue 😀

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