14 days of Improbable vacation

I think, Everyone of us has a wish or dream in his heart which seems improbable and you would never believe it could became true one day. As a example your deep wish could be about your dream job, traveling, love, family and so on..

And one of my wishes in this life which I always though will never happen because it was too absurd and impossible was to make my parents to Egypt and introduce them this beautiful country. So even there was not even 1 percentage that this wish will happen,

God changed it by his will and impossible became true…


So as you could understand my parents really visited Egypt and were visitors in my home for 14 days. My plan is to write few articles about their and my joy and life in Egypt and how was their feeling, experiences and impression about Egypt. You know well that I live in Egypt for a years now so actually I already lost the true European mentality and thinking but they have it and it was very funny that they saw Egypt the same way as I did years ago. So I want to write about it and I hope you will really enjoy it because I will show you new places from Egypt and my personal photos and you will learn a lot. Keep reading and enjoy yourself…

The Day of Arrival

Their arrival was settled at 2/4 at 2 am. And of course before it happened me as any other girl in this world was cleaning, baking, preparing things etc..it was too much and seemed it will never finish. Frankly I was even very worried and nervous from their arriving because I did not see them for 2 years,I never had visitors in my home for long time, I knew they hate Egypt and Muslim, I was worried how they will act on my Niqab, I was afraid to insult them or they will not feel comfortable, simply there was millions reason Why to be Afraid. But the time of meeting them on the airport was amazingly good.

At the airport


I arrived at the airport with my husband 0:00 so actually we still had 2 hours to wait them. Well Egyptian airport changed the system and no one could enter the hall, all people had to wait outside. If I understood well they made this change because they are afraid of bombing, terrorist and so on. But I tried to convince my husband to go inside because I knew my parents do not speak even one language -neither English or Arabic so if they did not see us directly they could panic and make something bad or silly. So we actually entered the hall even the guards tried to stop us but after we entered they kicked us out immediately. Then I tried to speak with one officer about my problem but he did not accept even I tried to act I am foreign so they have no right to stop me but it did not work. At the end I came back to the car and my husband wait them in front of the hall and somehow they met. The time when they met me in front of the car was amazing. All of them were smiling, shining and seemed really happy. All the way back to our home we spoke about their lives and Egypt and the way past really quickly.


But their first impression from Egypt itself was not good at all.

Because the streets are not clean and the homes from outside seems not well built and dirty also but its just the first feeling then they entered my home and were amazed how everything is beautiful and luxury inside.

So for good luck at the end they were happy and satisfied.

In my home



So as the first thing we went to eat. My family actually was not so hungry but me with my husband we were starving. We had a beshamil which sister of my husband who lives beside me cook it for them because I am not so good cook so I wanted be sure they will like at least the first food. And after food they gave us a presents which they brought us from Europe. We all were happy from the presents and then we finally went sleep. Notice we slept at 5 am and my parents woke up at 7 am with a words they slept enough and they are not tired anymore ! They really shocked me, they flew by plane and they are not tired? How come? Anyway I had to woke up with them..So we had a breakfast and then finally we went out.




The first thing what I showed them was… guess what?? THE SEA ! Yea, my family adore sea and here in Alex is so beautiful sea so I took them directly there and we were walking on the sea road. The weather was so beautiful and sunny and in this time they were amazed how the sea and Alexandria is adorable. They were really enjoying and then we took a bus and it drove us in front of Taverna. Anyway in the bus it was too funny for my parents. The last time my dad was in a bus was 10 years ago in Czech republic. And here its too different – too crowded, too cheap and very funny driving. But surprisingly my dad loved it.


In the Taverna which is coffe shop and restaurant, we sat down in front of the sea and ordered a lot of juices. My mum ordered a melon juice but they made a mistake and brought her a mango juice. And because my husband is Egyptian and was with us so we was not able to return it. So we had to keep the mango one and order again the melon one. It made me really angry and also they brought her melon drink after we all finished our drinks. So they were extremely late. But at the end her drink was the most delicious.


After Taverna we just took a tram to our home. But before we reached the tram station itself I saw for the first time here in Egypt a post box ! I was so happy and so shocked from this news.


On the tram station we were waiting quit a long time because in Egypt no one know when the tram will come. And when it came it was too crowded almost on place to stand inside and my husband was really afraid to take them inside because in such a public place someone could harm them as a Europeans. But they really desired to go by tram so at the end we did it. For good luck everything was fine and my parents were laughing all the time in the tram because they could not believe the tram is about 100 year old and we use it normal. Such a thing in Czech is not exist anymore.


When we arrived back home it was already evening and my husband went to the work. And because he is a teacher and my mum either so she went with him to see the difference of teaching between Egypt and Europe. And from her words she loves the way of teaching in Egypt more and also how big respect the teacher has here. But this is only about the private teaching in school its different.


So the first day went very well, we all were happy and if YOU  had a patience to read to this point so Stay With Us and  wait on the second article of our life ..

If you desire for more photos of us you will find it here and here.

Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

2 thoughts

  1. Fun times you had together. And you were afraid your parents would not like the visit. Turned out to be the time of their lives!

    I do not understand this part…
    “”And because my husband is Egyptian and was with us so we was not able to return it.””
    …. .forgive me please, i have little knowledge of the ‘negatives’ in this world…..yet I know that what you say, it will stop one day. Change comes slow..

    I LOVE the tram experience, with laughter the whole way. What a blessing for your parents to be able to experience that ancient beauty ride. They have no such opportunity back home.
    Wonderful Memories Made…..

    Isn’t it fulfilling, when a dream comes into fruition?
    When you actually live one of your dreams?
    Thank you for sharing.
    Am happy for you all,


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