10 Top Egyptian Habit

Egypt is beautiful country and people here are warm and lovely but you should definitely have knowledge of their own habits ! And specially if you visited or planning to visit Egypt. Right now I am giving you the key from Egyptian hearts. So do not miss the chance and lets learn!


Family is the most important thing in life of every Egyptian person. The Egyptians say you can have a money, success, wealth etc. but if you do not have your own family so you are actually NO ONE. because the true happiness come always from the family.so actually if you did not prove anything in your life and you feel as totally failure but you have your family you will feel that you already made something huge in your life and also the family can remove your sadness and give you big support. for this reason Egyptian`s family love to stuck together.


They call each other daily, visiting each other, celebrate occasions , solve problems, helping each other etc… in every single part of your life will be included your family, so you have no secret at all because they share absolutely everything. If you  think that the family is only about parents, children and grandparents so I am going to disappoint you. Egyptian family means also aunts, uncles, nephew, nieces and their husbands and children etc.. It can reach to 100 members and more without a problem. So its pretty huge.


2. Babies

I just described that Egyptians people love and have big family. So of course they love to have a lot of children. Actually babies are the biggest pleasure in the life of Egyptians people. They live for a babies and adore them so much. So since first day of your marriage all people are going to ask you if you already are expecting a baby. And if you got one baby they will ask you to have second and if you have second they will ask for third etc…its endless. And this “madness” about babies does not come only from the women but even Egyptian MEN desires for a babies so hard. and they care and protect their babies perfect way


But Egyptians also prefer boy baby then a girl baby. I listened a thousands times that the mum is more happy when she has a  baby girl but in the reality every woman and every man here desire to have a baby boy. Its like if the woman did not bring a baby boy so its shame on her and she did not success in the life. Anyway for good luck this thinking start to change nowadays in the big cities in Egypt. The another point why they love to have a baby boy is that one day the baby also will be a man so he can protect the family (mum, sisters etc.). So if father is not at home so this protecting duty is on the son. Till now the boys in Egypt have really big freedom-they can do anything they want since they are kids and they are also very respected even from their own mothers.

Anyway sometimes I see the all baby case as a big pressure on the women. Some women when they get marry are still young and want to enjoy their life with their husband or some have a problem and cannot have a babies at all. But the Egyptian people will always remind you and talk about it and keep pressuring you to try your best to get the baby at the end. Well their attention is not a bad, they just want to help and support by their words but a lot of women are going crazy from it.



3. Belly dancing -the true art of Egyptian women


Do you remember cartoon where arabic girl with a long black hair and perfect body is dancing on the street and always the men are amazed to her?! Trust me in Egypt its not just cartoon but its the Reality. All Egyptian girls are perfect belly dancers. Well, the secret is they learn it since they are kids actually since they are born, from their first steps. As I told every girl can dance so grandmum learn mum,  mum learn daughter and daughter learn her babies and so on..Actually this skill and art of belly dancing is from the Pharaohs and its stayed not-changed till now. Ok some girls are more talented and some less but the basic can do everyone.

Image result for belly dancer


Egyptian love to make a party and dance all the time.. and always on such a parties the girls comparing theirs dancing skills. But this dance skill is very very important for every Egyptian girl because a men choose their future wife also on this base.

Every married woman is dancing for her own husband – to make him happy and to have also a fun with him. So if any girl cannot dance maybe she would not get married.

Egyptian men are dancing also but its not needy. Anyway I told all Egyptian love dancing -its simply in their blood.





4. Football

As every girl can do belly dancing so every boy is playing football. You can feel that football in Egypt is really everywhere. You can see little boys playing football on the street since morning till evening, you will find thousands playgrounds where teenage and adult amateurs are playing, you will see a people are watching football matches 24/7 -at home, street, coffee shop, restaurant -simply everywhere ! And also every boy is dreaming to be a professional football player.

Image result for ahly

In Egypt we have 2 biggest and most famous football teams called Ahly and Zamalek. This two teams are very very old and of course they hate each other and so the supporters do. Mostly the hate lead to a big and serious fights.But Ahly has 90 percent of Egyptian supporters and Zamalek only 10 percent. And the reason is simple – Ahly win all the matches against Zamalek so the people got bored of supporting Zamalek but in the past it was opposite.



5. Ahva


it is Egyptian coffee shop just for a men. But if you imagine it as high-class one then you are totally wrong. This coffee shop includes just few tables with a chairs and you can order Egyptian black tea, tea with milk, coffee and of course we cannot forget shisha and hashish.Well, men are going there to sit with a friends,play dominoes, watch football match or just to sit by himself and rest. Girls are not accepted in this place. If any girl would go to this coffee shop she will be impolite in the eyes of Egyptian people and she would put herself to a problems.

Image result for shisha egypt

In all cases We can compare Egyptian coffee shop to European pub just without alcohol.



6. Traditions


Well, Egyptian traditions are too different from Islamic one but even in Egypt we are Muslims so Egyptian people keeps their own Egyptian traditions. Which honestly I see as from pharaoh time. Some are good, some bad, some are very silly in my point and I do not like neither agree even with one of them. Image result for traditions

But trust me Egyptians will never change them. They use to say they love the European style and European traditions, and they will ask you to learn them but in fact they say this words just for a curiosity and a fun. But n reality they will never change even one percentage of their own culture and traditions. They simply born so and they will die so. So do not by naive in this point the same as I was and trust me that to change just 1 Egyptian person is simply IMPOSSIBLE.



7. Guests


Egyptians loves guests. They really adore to meet new people andImage result for guest new cultures even they will never change their own. But be sure if you are invited to any home for a lunch, so accept it. They will hosts you a perfect way with a perfect food and sweets and drinks. You will feel as in paradise.

But do not try to insult them or to mock at them because in this case you would lost all forever. Egyptians people are really white hearted but if you hurt their feelings so they never forget neither forgive.



8. Mahraganat


Special music just in EGYPT. Actually its a street music so we can say the bad people sing it and listen it. So its like impolite in Egypt and polite people and the most girls should not have listen it BUT let me tell you the secret – ALL LOVES THE MUSIC AND ALL LISTEN IT secret way. But you can also find this music on weddings, birthdays and so on because I already told you Egyptian people love to dance and this music is perfect for a dancing..

Image result for mahraganat

Here you can listen just for a try.. let me know if you like this music and what you think about it.



9. Doctors


Egyptians loves doRelated imagectors, going to doctors and love to be a doctors. Its a country doctor`s madness. But the reason is if you are a doctor you will earn a lot of money here. So everyone try to be a doctor. Every girl loves to marry a doctor because she is sure she will have a good life in the money case.

And because we have so big amount of a doctors its too hard to choose the right one for you. so Egyptians love to go to a lot of doctors to take a lot of opinions and then choose who is right and who is wrong…so actually on a doctors the Egyptians waste a lot of money. but also i see Egyptians as a hypochondriac..if they got just a headache they have to go to a doctor, or for any other small reason they prefer to go to the doctor.






10. Weddings



Its a huge topic actually and I will write another article about weddings in details very soon but in the short version in Egypt every girl has a 3 weddings.

First one its engagement- the groom brings a gold for a bride and in front of people they officially confirm that they are engaged , the second one is writing a book – where you finish your papers that you are officially married but you do not live together yet and the Third one is of course final one where the girl has a white dress and make a big party and after that the bride and groom are going to live together and bring a babies etc..


Okay, in all the 3 wedding you can make a big party but you do not have to – its up to you actually. On Every wedding the bride has a different dress, and on every wedding they go to a studio to have a photo sessions and also on every wedding the groom can bring a new gold for a bride but its up to the final situation.

But as I told its much more complicated than just this and it need article itself to be described in details.



Great ! We are at the end of 10 Egyptians habits, I hope you liked what I prepared for you and of course let me know your feedback and you can also write me email about your country`s habits, it would be really interesting for me so Stay in Touch.


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  1. hello Sajda!
    Its me James youve convinced me to visit Egypt and maybe move there! I hope the gentleman that are trying to examine the foundations of the Pyramids are given permission to do so because this will bring peace in the world! It bring us together all cultures , religions because we are a spiritual familey as one.! These gentlemen are going help GODS DREAM COME TRUE! His Masterplan.When Mankind finally lives in peace he will come and take us to heaven. Because of freewill Man has to do it on his own.That means we have the power in us to accomplish this.The creation of the Pyramids were created for this purpose. When God creates he creates for a very good reason his Love for us.I HAVE VERY MUCH TO EXPLAIN ON WHAT AND HOW I GOT THE TRUTH.It has to do with my relationship with him and the miracle that has to do with a real true healing of a young man that i was praying for.. God did this for me to show me that he was with me and everything that will explain in a blog will be the truth and can be proven the same as the Pyramids will be soon,i hope! I’ve enjoyed your Blogs i wish someday we meet. sincereley James Inzinga

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    • Hello James. I am so glad that I have so big and positive effect on you with Egypt.Yea its really amazing country and Egypt will be happy if you are here in all cases.Me and my husband will welcome you here in Alexandria anytime. About the man no worry, we will figure it out soon. Stay in touch. Sajda


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