Cook Door after One year !

Do you remember the first restaurant which I visited One year ago? Yes, Exactly! I am speaking about COOK DOOR ! I loved this place so much and so my friends and because I do not see my old friends anymore so we decided to repeat history and meet there again. But this time I got very disappointed from the restaurant itself. Do you want to know why??? 

Well I was too happy that after 1 year exactly I could find a time and meet my old friends again. As I already wrote, we decided for a restaurant which we already knew and we were sure the place is beautiful, children can have a fun and even the prices of the food suit us. But we all got very shocked when we reached it. The place itself did not change but it was too seemed it does not have a lot of customers anymore and then we found the prices of the food got extremely high. About 100% more ! I really could not believe myself. They even did not have a paper menu where you could choose the food. When we asked why they do not have such a basic thing which should be in every restaurant they just responded that the prices are getting more higher so they are in the process of printing new menu with much more higher prices then we payed even today.

Imagine one year ago we payed 25 LE. for chicken wrap with a middle potatoes and big Drink. Today we payed 20 LE. only for the chicken wrap and if we wanted all menu it costs 50 LE. And they told the prices still will get higher? Well, I think they will be without customers at all. So the prices were really negative side of the day and we decided we will search about new place to the future.

But otherwise they still have amazing playground for the kids which is for free – Thanks God ! And the weather was really awesome today so we could watch the view on the sea. Even I saw a people who were already swimming ! Honestly even it was about 30 ° C today so for Egyptians its a madness to swim – its still too cold for us !!!




Well we left the restaurant around 5 pm but no one of us wanted to go home so we entered another shop which sells rice with milk and with ice -cream or nuts and even here the prices got higher. 1 cup of rice with milk and nuts cost 12 LE. but it was delicious !

Then we walked on the sea road and we caught amazing SUN SET. I have to say that to see the sunset Its something I missed too much.And I definitely must share it with you…




Of course most of the times I spend by talking with my friends. It cleared my mind and my soul and I am in love with a talking to my friends. I missed them so much and today it was really a perfect day with them.



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