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The winter is almost gone and I decided to dust off old habits and set off myself out for a fun and enjoyment.I did not want to enjoy alone so I called my New friend and decided to visit a world famous coffee shop called Starbucks coffee..

I have to admit I have never been in Starbucks coffee but I always listened brilliant references about it and all people around me always loved it. So this time I went to try it by myself.

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Well Starbucks coffee in Alexandria is really luxury. I chose one directly in San Stefano (the most famous shopping center in Alexandria and also the most expensive) because I loved the idea you can sit out and enjoy the view on the sea.

What surprised me were actually 2 thing – the first one was I sat with my friend on the table out and we were waiting the waiter about 10 minute but no one came so actually we had to go buy and bring our coffee by ourselves.

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The second shocking thing was actually their poor menu. I really do not know but when you look on internet on their side you will find millions of coffees and sweets and much more but here they actually were offering a basics coffee and hot chocolates. Well they also offered sweets and looked very delicious but I did not have desire to try it this time. I also noticed they were selling the coffee in packages and this I found as a great idea or it could be even a great gift for coffee lovers.

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Anyway starting price for coffee or sweets is from 30 LE. and where the price end I have no idea 😀  I found my friend has the same taste of choice as me so we bought favorite Caffee Late in the white paper cup which cost us extra 3 LE. and we also took the straws which were for free. We sat on comfortable couch outside and we spent a beautiful time with a talking and watching the sun set. Well then I realized you can sit there anytime even you do not have to buy anything from the coffee shop. This point made me actually very happy because its really beautiful place and you can perfectly rest your mind there.

And imagine what happened 5 minutes before we left the staffs appeared – waitress, charlady and so on…we could not stay longer anymore because after sun sat the weather became too cold. But as you can see on the pictures the place is beautiful in the day and even at the night just the night sitting need the summer. Of course it has a Wifi so you can stay in touch and have online fun or you can finish any work in calm or just take a book and rest or whatever come on your mind. and if you do not like sit on the open air, of course use the interior of Starbucks coffee shop. it looks really amazing ! 

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interior of Starbucks coffee shop


I recommend you to try this place even its kind of expensive but you will definitely enjoy yourself.



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Coffee poem


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  1. Thanx for the review…… Personally, I would go to a local independent coffee shop, before giving Starbucks my business. You pay for the name when you buy at Starbucks. I am not one who likes dong that with huge companies of greed.


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