Happy Anniversary

Yeah ! It`s really True.. Today it is exactly 1 year since I start to write this blog. 

I started write this blog by post called “New life in Egypt” where I described myself, my life and my vision about this blog. So Today I am going to do the same thing actually, I am going to share with you How my Life in Egypt continue and what all I have learnt cross this year…So let`s start.

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First of all – I am so happy that I proved to write about Egypt in this blog. I would never believe that I would fell for it and keep writing for whole year. Yes, I admit some months I really was not so active and I was going cross some hard life`s time so I did not have too much  time on writing but I kept on and my blog is still alive. This point that I keep going on this “blog way” I see it as one of the biggest achievement in my life. Yea I know a lot of people can really laugh on it and say – it is just a blog- so which achievement I am talking about actually. But for me Egypt is “heart thing” and I guess I am the first person who is describing the Egyptian traditions and culture and specially the way as I do it I have never seen before. 

Actually I did not plan it. I thought I will focus more on Egyptian history or Egyptian traditions but also from the past then I found the people or my followers are not interested in the history anymore. Maybe there is already too much blogs writing about ancient Egypt but what made my followers interested in is the Egypt nowadays and the Egyptian mentality and whats happening in Egypt right now. So I changed my plan and then I found I love and enjoy it much more.and it made me much more original so actually I am really happy for it. And one day my blog will be also history so I am already future Egyptologist as I always wanted to be.

My vision to this new year is of course continue to write about Egypt and get more followers and spread it to endless people so each of person in this earth will know my blog and Egypt. And also to improve my social sites  which I use as a support for my blog.

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San Stefano in Alexandria


About my life in Egypt itself, there is not too much to say because I actually spent all this year in Alexandria except one travel to Cairo but it was only because of embassy I needed to finish some papers so it was  working travel.

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Otherwise I was just working as a teacher then i tried to work with henna and I tried to be a photographer and I tried to have my own business but nothing of it worked at the end 😀 well, little bit ridiculous but its because of I am still learning how to deal with the people and so on and its simply not easy because the mentality here is really too different. I met some new people and made some new friendship and I improved in Arabic but unfortunately still I am not able to speak fluently. But this is my mistake I think I am too lazy to learn it. but the best thing of all of this year is I moved to another place – to more beautiful and it looks more like in a Europe so actually i got more freedom and the life start to improve.


My new place

But also this year for me was as on carousel. One time I was too rich and then it changed and I was in really hard time then again I gained some profit then again lose it and again and again. Little bit funny I did not know what the second day will bring. And as  I told I focused to know the Egyptians habits and traditions and to learn how to deal with a people and shopping and use a transport and I got more experiences with a doctors and hospital etc..simply the normal small daily things in a life. But if you are in a new country so you are like a baby and you have to learn everything from the start. Actually i m little bit lucky because i have always people around to help me. I think i would never be able to live here alone without a help.

Okay – enough about me and hopefully I will meet you all another year and give you another hit about me. 


Thank you for joining and watching my life.




Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

2 thoughts

  1. Congratulations for your one year mark! That is awesome!
    Thank you for listening to your readers and changing your blog to meet their interests.
    Not only was that great for your readers, it was obviously wonderful for you, too. 😀
    Being in America, I long to hear the truth of what life is like in other lands.
    I quit trusting media and textbooks, long ago.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Thank you and thank you again, ren


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