Crazily luxurious FlyEgypt !

The first time when I was in Alexandria can you guess what took my attention? Well it was a library and a sea but from a modern buildings which are Along the coast my attention took a enormously huge building called San Stefano. Its located in the middle of Alexandria, directly in front of the sea and it’s the most modern and highest building here. When I entered inside I could not believe myself. In the ground floor of San Stefano we have a hotels, shop markets, cinema -exactly the same amazing and beautiful way as in Europe. On the upper floor are the most expensive flat ever. Only famous singers, actors, politics etc. are living there. It is impossible to enter for a “normal” person. Of course something luxurious like this carries kind of secrets with itself and will make you interested, specially here in Egypt where such a luxury is not on daily base.

The question was who built it? Who involved it? Or just who had such an idea to make it and was able to succeed in it?

I got the answers on my question immediately, simply it was Talaat Mostafa Group who built such a beauty. Is it your first time to hear about Talaat mostafa Group? I guess so, but it should not be because this company is The Most important one in whole Egypt and built a hundreds amazing places which you know for sure…

Related imageTalaat Mostafa Group

When I started to read about this company it took my breath..It is a family company made by man called Talaat Mostafa in year 1975 and lately his 3 sons joined him and works with him. imagine they own 51% of the group’s total stock in Egypt ! Comprising 23 companies, employes more than 3 000 workers and  60,000 additional workers . Thats really enermous.

Their mission at least on the start was to improve the life in Egypt, to find new places where people could live, give them work, help against the poverty. At the start it was a construction company but nowadays they also work in agriculture, manufacturing and real estate.

The most famous project, which you will for sure know are those:

El Rehab in Cairo

Image result for sharm el sheikh city

sharm el sheikh

San Stefano in Alexandria

Marsa Alam, Egypt 2007feb08 byDanielCsorfoly.JPG

Marsa Alam

Image result for Four Seasons Hotels egypt

Four season hotel in Egypt

Nowadays they have also new project called Madinaty – which is about to build new city called New Cairo and it should be the largest all inclusive city in the Middle East.


But today I want to speak about their another project at all. This project interest me because I am crazy about traveling and flying and its called FLY EGYPT !

Image result for fly egypt cabin crew

New Egyptian airlines made just from Talaat Mostafa Group and because as you could see everything is luxury from them so even this airline are Perfect Luxury

What is it actually about?

This new luxury FlyEgypt serves to Egyptian destinations and also Jordan, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. The most perfect thing for me is of course the Egyptian destination because in Egypt if you want to go somewhere the cities are really far away from each other and you have to travel by bus or train and it of course take a lot of time and money ! So this is perfect solution how to save your time and also money.

I checked their site properly and the prices are really extremely cheap. Airplanes itself are safe, fully equipped and Employees are decent and willing. I have foreign friends here in Egypt who already tried it and are too amazed by it but even Egyptians one what made me happy because mostly another Egyptian companies does not treat Egyptian people very well but this one do. This point made me really happy and made me sure that I can trust them. 

Actually Fly Egypt is a new company, started 2015 but its fast growing one.

So I highly recommend you if you travel to Egypt and need fast transportation somewhere do not be afraid to use them. Anyway you can check their website and make your own opinion by yourself.

Me alone I will use it very soon and I already cannot wait on this great experience.

As the last thing I really want to thanks to Talaat Mostafa Group for a great ideas and improvement of Egypt. They really helps people and make their life more happy and easier.

So one more time Thank you.

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