Sobooa – Baby shower

I have the long expected surprise for you Today ! I have planned write about  a Baby shower half year ago and even I attended a lot of different baby showers so always something happened that I was not able to write about it or I did not have all needy information or a pictures but TODAY is going to change everything. I have all what you need to know right now. So Hurry Up to Read it because it took me a lot of efforts.

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Siwa – Paradise of Egypt


At the last day of the year 2016 every person is thinking about the previous year and either me. I was thinking about my best memories and actually I remembered one of my best memories of all my life. Unfortunately it did not happen in the year 2016 but actually 4 years ago. however I decided to share this memory with you today to open the New year Happily and Positively. Continue reading