Mahshi – National Food

 When you come to Egypt so the first which all families will try to give you is a food called Mahshi. I would call it a national food of Egypt because it is simply everywhere. It has own secrets which only the Arabian people knows and today I will share it with you. Honestly it is little bit hard to make and need a lot of try but by the time even you can learn how to make it perfect. I think that Mahshi is very good and tasty food but for me – I cannot see it anymore because as I told it is simply everywhere all the time 😀 Everyone force you to eat it, everyone give it to you as a present etc…. But it worth to know it and at least once in your life to eat it 😀 Enjoy…

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Egypt VS Europe -Should be women at home or work?

Since I came to Egypt my opinions started to change very radically way. And specially about a women case. I grow up in the environment that I have to study  a lot and have a good results in school because after I finish my school I will immediately start to work and earn money. I must study well to get the best job with the best money. Then go to university,  buy my own flat,  feed myself and so on...But the biggest point was to be independent from parents and any men. simply to live on my own and do not rely that someone will help me or save me. So my life was actually managed and prepared before I could even decide what I want and who I want to be…Also I did not know another way of living so I simply agreed with everything till time I met Egyptian women… Continue reading