Wow! And it is here ! Article which I wanted to write long time ago but just now I persuaded myself to really do it !!! Let me take you for a while to the ancient world of the Egypt.Back to pharaohs and back to the time of mystic magic but also wisdom.If you are not a fan of history – IT DOES NOT MATTER. This article will be very refreshing and you will absolutely enjoy and love it ! Continue reading

Black magic in Islam. Fake?

At the start of my blog, I promised you I will share with you the Truth about Egypt. And we all know TRUTH is not always pleasant but sometimes it’s really creepy and cruel. This is the day when I am going to fulfil my promise. I want to share with you one Egyptian story about Lover couple…notice it is really a true story from someone who I know actually. But for respecting and keeping their privacy I changed their names in this article.

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