Happy to write for you again in New month ! Welcome in September 😀

I hope all of you enjoyed holidays as much as you could and you took enough rest from a work and all duties and responsibilities.

In Egypt we start September with the second biggest occasion in a Muslim world called “Eid al Adha”.

Just to remind you the first biggest occasion was “Ramadan” and now we  already are in the second one, which will start exactly at 12 of September. Is not the time passing very fast?! But actually I am very happy for it because we are again in the month of a peace and blessing. So as you can expect  I will mainly write about Eid al Adha, to explain you the reason of celebrating and how we celebrate it and also photos and videos  etc.

Next what I want to focus about this month is description of touristic or historic places in Egypt. I already wrote some but not too much so I want to improve this.

Also I have a surprise for you. Guess what it will be 😀

As a last thing I want to thank you very much for the previous month because you – people who followed my blog enormously grew up. Of course it made me extra happy and I am very grateful that you are interested in the topic what I actually chose and what was my dream to write about. So because of you my dreams slowly become true. I have really so huge gratitude in my heart for it. Also because of your interest in my blog I can continue writing about Egypt, without you it would not be possible.

So as a small present for your following, likes and comments ..I opened Facebook page which is of course called “Dazzling move”. On this Fb page I share much more picture and videos from Egypt and also from my life. And I put more information and extra things what you will not find here on my blog. Simply on the Fb page I want to be more opened and I want us to be as a Big Family.

For opening this FB page click right HERE  or you can find it in my contact option.

I hope you will love it




Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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