Interview with Gheda

 I was thinking about to make something little bit special. So at the end I decided to make an interview with One Egyptian lady, her name is Gheda. I asked her few questions which I was writing on my blog in the last days.I am sure it is very good idea actually because you can compare my point of view on the things here in Egypt and also the Egyptian point of view.
So you can decide at the end alone what is the reality and the truth on Egypt. To be honest some of the answers I did not agree but at the end she is the Egyptian one so maybe she is the right one 😀
But I swear I did not change even single word of what she answered to me. Please read it till the end because it is really very interesting.
And why did I choose this lady specially? First of all I was working with her in school as a teacher. So she became my friend and I am sure I can trust her in anything. Also she is very smart and successful lady, she just finished her university and started her own business so I was sure she will get my questions and she will able to answer me.

1. How would you describe Egyptian people ?

I think most of them are down to earth . Friendly people and they like jokes.

2.  What do you like on Egypt and what u hate ?

Its history ;the Nile and the desert and I hate the people who mess it up.

3. Why do Egyptian people love Europe or America?

Because of old illness inside our souls called 3oqda el khwaga.
Years ago we had English occupation in Egypt and
they made the people believe that no one is perfect except them.
Till the people really believed and forgot their identity and start to imitate them.
So every one who is trying to be like them we think that he lost his Egyptian identity.
 And that’s 3oqda el 5waga.

4. Can you describe the life style of Egyptian people?

Egyptians people don’t like changes although they have the Nile which always change it’s water but they won’t ever change their style easily.

5. If you would have the chance to travel abroad, which country you would chose and why?

Travel forever – I won’t ever do it, i want to die here.
Travel for visiting – Italy and france.
I like the places which has history and also natural places.


6. Whats your opinion on the government of Egypt?

(Laugh) They need bullets in their heads.

7. Is educations good in Egypt ? What would you change in the education?

It’s boring and I won’t leave any thing without changing.

8. Do you think women in Egypt are treated as a slaves or prisoners by their husbands or families?

Yea and most of women like that !
Most of Egyptian men never look from this point, they think about they  rights.
But in Islam the woman is not forced to serve her husband it’s a favour from her to him.

9. Do you think the people who are not Muslims are safe in Egypt? Specially girls without hijab?

I m sure they are safe.

10. Most of Egyptian woman who are married does not work, why is it?

Some times it’s her choice after marriage she only cares about how to make her family safe and happy.


11.Why Egyptian people love to talk on the mobile so much, instead of meeting the person?

They have free credit
and it’s easy to call people than arranging to go out so u can say they are lazy.


12. What are the true Egyptian habits  or traditions?

1. The bride must wash her clothes after one week of marriage and it should be a lot even if they were clean she will wash them and u know what, the whole street where she is living is waiting to see her washing it.
2. In happy occasions the people give others money as a gift and they don’t buy presents but this gift is a loan u have to pay it back.
3. When some one dies we say (may allah makes it the last sadness) but it’s never happens
4. In the wedding night every one who enter the bed room should put coins in the bed, we think it will make them rich,in the start of their life.
5. In the party of new baby (sbo3) the moms keep fighting and screaming that the baby should be obedient to only one of them.

13. Why Egyptians are afraid of animals? specially cat and dogs?

 In early childhood the mom used it to scare the baby and make him sleep fast.


14. Why its so big pressure on people to be married or to have a lot of kids?


It’s the only achieving that any one can do, so if he didn’t do any thing in the life he will be so proud that he got married and have kids.


15.Why the Egyptian are generous people?

They used to live in groups and every one knows the others and knows all the family  so every one think that the other could be one of his Relatives so they are like big family together.

16. Is it easy to find a job?

It’s so easy to find a job but it won’t be easy to find the perfect one for you and also successes won’t be easy too.
The End
I want to thank Gheda very much that she was so brave and participated on my blog.
And Of course I am waiting your comments.

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