Island Chios belongs to Egypt !

I found a shocking News which took my heart.Did you ever hear about Greek island called Chios? It is  the fifth largest island in the Greek. But what you do not know is that this island Chios BELONGS TO EGYPT for a centuries !  Continue reading

Niqab is my life

I want to share with you one of the most important decision in my life. And it is actually wearing a niqab. A lot of people does not understand how could I chose it voluntary. Some people still think till now that someone forced me or my religion forced me to this. I would like to explain you the reason why  I wear it and what niqab means for me. Continue reading

Egyptian chicken with potatoes

The easiest recipe ever ! Do you believe me? Well you should 😀 This is my TOP dish, really so tasty and delicious and almost without work. Worth to try it ! Continue reading

EGYPT VS EUROPE 2 – Eating Habits

Do you want to know the differences of eating habits between Europe and Egypt? Do you think there are no surprises ? So go on, read it and you will be shocked !

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Interview with Gheda

 I was thinking about to make something little bit special. So at the end I decided to make an interview with One Egyptian lady, her name is Gheda. I asked her few questions which I was writing on my blog in the last days.I am sure it is very good idea actually because you can compare my point of view on the things here in Egypt and also the Egyptian point of view.

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New Month is Here ! Do you feel that the time is passing so fast? I definitely do! Sometimes I really feel pity that we cannot stop the time in the beautiful moments. But that is the Life.  Well, do not be melancholic as me 😀 and Let`s look whats new in Egypt.

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