Talking on mobile

Wooow, this is really funny topic. I am sure everyone use and own mobile.Its actually a perfect thing for exchanging and getting new information. But just a few countries mobile devoured so much like Egypt.

You know, Egyptian are not able live without the mobile. They spend hours and hours talking, without rest and they never have enough of it. 

For me this is really surprising. In Europe we use mobile to necessary seriously talking or just on dealing a meeting even with your best friend or family but you would never stuck to the mobile talk for an hours, neither days or months.

But here and specially the women -they extremely enjoy and love it. Since they wake up the first thing is to check the mobile and make ur first call.  And then it continue… in the day they are able to speak more than 20 different people. Or even the same person over and over. 

You know,  I was always thinking about -” what are they talking about all the time?” And then I realized about ANYTHING. Just each small thing happen in the day they pick up the mobile and have to quickly share it. Yea mostly its unimportant things, in my point of view. And the most funny is that the same small unimportant thing they are able to repeat to all people they ever knew.

Or daughters and mothers. Wherever the daughter goes the mum keep calling her several times to check if she is alright and vice versa. Or if the daughter is already married and has a kids, she is of course living in her own flat, sometimes I heard on totally different place to have a private life but they stuck to each other on the mobile all the day and night. But about the mum and children I need to write another article.

Sometimes I guess they are just a bored in the day so the mobile is their hobby. But the talking so much has also negative site. You know, if you speak with a people too much it will put you to a lot of problems. So then they have a more problems and they have another topic to talk about on the mobile again 😀 it is really endless…

I just do not understand till now, why they do not use the mobile for dealing a meeting with those people. It would be much better to meet them personally and have some fun in the day instead of talking on mobile. 

But trust me, no one is ever able to change Egyptian habits. 


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  1. Hi Amanda , i think your shows on Bluebird have been fantastic and i have loved everyone of them , but i am also a little concerned about you walking off set last night , i hope what ever happened can soon be resolved and you will soon be back on screen . xxxxxxxxxxxx DAVE A


  2. I do not care for the mobile and refuse to live with one glued to my head. I also believe they are not healthy for the brain, literally. I feel sorry for people who have become dependent of their mobile. I feel they are missing out on ‘life’. ren

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    • you know I believe each of us has some dependence… mobile, pc, work, chocolate 😀 whatever…but for me dependence on ,,talking,, and specially on mobile is really bad, as i told in my article a lot of talking will lead you to a lot of problems…really the “silence is a gold”. but sure I agree with you the mobile is not healthy but in our age unfortunately most of the things are bad for our health …

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