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Hello all my friends and reader

as you can see I am finally back. I am very sorry that I did not write anything in the last 3 months but a lot of things were happening so there was no time on writing.

For your luck – I am going to describe for you all the things what happened. But of course very slowly – step by step 😀 

At the beginning I have to inform you that this month its exactly 1 Year what I have moved to Egypt ! I must say I m proud of myself, sometimes it was not easy to keep staying here but I believe when I passed the 1 whole year so I can stay here forever. In my point of view the first year is always the most difficult and then its going to be fine.

Next thing what I want to share with you is that I left my job. If you remember I was working as a teacher of English language in Egypt for kindergarten and primary school. I am very grateful for this opportunity what I have got because it really helped me in my life and brought me a new experiences and friends but I decided for a Change ! So I decided to be a freelance photographer. Of course it is not easy and specially when I am still unknown here but I want to take this challenge and prove it. So please wish me big Luck.

Anyway you can see my new website only about my photography here -

or facebook:

I would be really very happy if you share it with your friends and families and if you help me to be little bit famous 😀

And the last thing what I will write about is that these days we had big occasion In Egypt. We were celebrating ,,Ramadan,,. I am sure everyone know this occasion but not all people has the right information. Tomorrow I am going to write a HUGE article about RAMADAN. I will explain you the history of Ramadan and reason why we celebrate it and also I will show you a photos from mine area how it looked in reality. So please Read it ! Because it really Worth!

With Love

Sajda Afifi

Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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