Talking on mobile

Wooow, this is really funny topic. I am sure everyone use and own mobile.Its actually a perfect thing for exchanging and getting new information. But just a few countries mobile devoured so much like Egypt. Continue reading


Today I have for you new traditional recipe of Egypt. The name of this food is Koshari !  Continue reading

Rice with Milk

Do you know rice with a milk? I think its famous all around the world with different tastes and kinds of making. Even in my country they make it but its too heavy and I never liked it so much. Its actually only about rice and the milk like disappeared i really do not know how we can afford to eat it. But since I came to Egypt I fall in love with this sweet and I was buying in on the street almost every day. The arabian countries simply knows the secret how to make it delicious way but But trust me the Egyptian is the Best !  And Today I made a big step and decided to make it at home. And believe me the home made is simply extra yummy. You must try it with me !  Continue reading


This is very common Egyptian food.

Its made from beef meat, white cooked rice,fried bread and fried garlic with a herbs.

Its very easy so lets describe it to details:

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May, June, July


Hello all my friends and reader

as you can see I am finally back. I am very sorry that I did not write anything in the last 3 months but a lot of things were happening so there was no time on writing.

For your luck – I am going to describe for you all the things what happened. But of course very slowly – step by step 😀  Continue reading