Finally is here April, finally is here SPRING ! Are you happy as Am I????

Wow, I must say that I am really over happy, finally the cold days are away and here in Egypt we start to go to the sea and swim.

On this moment I was waiting all the year. The sun is shining, everyone has taste on ice-cream, every one wants to go to the beach and everyone want to be away of his job. Just to enjoy.

And even the time is passing so fast, I started this month amazing way. 

I visited a coffee shop called Taverna and Its located directly on the sea road. I must say the place was really awesome. The Interior looked like a navy ship -with blue and white colors and they were playing music from the times of our grandmothers. 

ice chocolate

Of course I ordered delicious Ice chocolate with cream and biscuits and I went to watch in this coffee shop a football match.

When it end I moved to another seat with a view on the sea. Sun was shining and I stared on 2 small boys who were jumping and swimming in the sea -see the video HERE.

In this time I really wished to be on theirs place.


Well, after this I spent my time walking on the beach and at evening I went to play a billiard. This was a big surprise for me because the last time when I played billiards was 3 years ago !

And I did not know how much I missed it… It really made me over happy. 

I hope in this month will be much more beautiful days like this one…




Share your life stories in the comments. I will be happy to read it. 

With Love


Books I wrote, you can read here:

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  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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