Part 1 – Difference between Europe vs Egypt


I got unexpected question from my friend and its sound like this ,, What is the difference between European life style and Egyptian life style? ,,

Well, I admit this easy question has a million answers… maybe endless. And also I am not surprised that my friends specially Egyptian ones became so interested to this question because I still talk or complain about the differences in these two types of life but I have never described specific difference to details.

But this topic is actually too interesting that I would like to focus on it in following couple of days. It will be dived to a lot of parts and I hope you will enjoy it. 

So lets start with first DIFFERENCE


Notice, I do not say that Europeans are perfect in it and Egyptians are too bad or vice versa.

NOT AT ALL… because we can find dirty Europeans or dirty Egyptians but even clean Europeans and clean Egyptians. I believe that we can learn from each other…

but I just want to show you two types of different life and then we can compare what is better.


Almost every Europeans wake up soon at morning, we can between 5- 7 am. in working days, and in free days between 7- 9 am.

The first thing which every Europeans make after waking up is to go to the bathroom and clean teeth, wash a face, brush a hair etc. some people take even shower at morning to be more fresh to the day. 

after some people exercises at morning and then you are gonna put on a body lotion or make up (but it depends on each person) and you are going to dress up with clean and beautiful clothes and in the final step you are going to have your breakfast then you are ready to leave the home to the world..

Most of the Ëuropeans spend day outside the home. But even in such situation they have in handbag ready  – make up all the time, and hand cream, cream on a face, comb, balsam on lips etc. And during the day they regularly use it. 

When they come back to home again they take a shower and again use a cream, lotion, clean teeth, brush a hair etc… some people again exercises and some takes even a massage to feel fresh and restful. That is the point of Europeans people THEY ADORE TO FEEL FRESH – like new born ones. That is why they keep themselves clean all the time.

Before they sleep for sure everyone of them change a clothes specially on sleeping. They call it pyjamas and it must be really very comfortable because your body must rest in the sleeping. 

Okay this is the basic hygiene which Europeans use, now lets look at Egyptians people.


Egyptian people from my point of view love to have an comfortable life. So they do not rush themselves in anything. And even in the hygiene…

The people are divided to 2 groups. One group wake up soon at morning – mostly on praying time its around cca 5 am or wake up to the work. These people I would say they keep themselves more clean as they are in touch with another people so they also brush a teeth at morning, wash up face etc..

Second Group are mostly woman who stay at home with a kids or young ladies who are not married yet. They mostly wake up around 12 – 1 pm and are going to sleep at 2 -3 am. Well, they do not brush teeth or hair regularly, mostly its like twice a week sometimes less. The same with a shower they do not take every day. It is like once or twice in a week. The worst thing is they are teaching this style even to the children. Body lotion or cream is used really rarely, only one thing is positive they love to use hair cream – make the hair smooth so they do not have a trouble with brushing a hair.

About exercising, I saw some girls took a class of aerobic but she goes once and its enough, not a lot of people go regularly. But at home, I did not see anyone exercise. When they want to lose a weight they try to manage their food – to eat less or to eat another type food but never exercise.

The last thing is about the pyjamas – also most of the Egyptian does not use pyjamas. They go sleep in the clothes what they are staying in at home. In my point its uncomfortable but sometimes its even useful.

Okay on other side to be honest, Muslims are praying 5 times a day and before every prayer they are washing hands, face, hair and feet. So they are washing themselves by water often.

Well but here the miracle comes, a lot of European people asked me if the Egyptian people look dirty or do not smell bad if they do not use the hygiene as a European people. PLEASE for all people around the world, even I wrote what I wrote …… I never saw dirty Egyptian on the street – not at all but in Europe I saw dirty people on street. And also Egyptians do not smell bad. The beauty of Egyptians is they love to look stylish and of course clean. They care about their clothes and style too much. Even European do not put such a basic on clothes style as Egyptian people do.

I know, now it looks little bit confusing because of what I wrote. But even Egyptians do not use such a hygiene as a Europeans do, they still look clean and beautiful on the street. 


At the end of my article I would like to say that I do not insult anyone and in every society we have exceptions.Me personally I used both of the lifestyle in my life. And actually I decided for a middle level. I do not have to be over clean and I do not have to be dirty.

Next thing is the hygiene of Egyptians nowadays has nothing common with Islam. Islam reminds you to be very clean – similar as Europeans do. 

I know that on my article a lot of European people will have negative comment but I would like to remind them something… Please European if you think about yourself that you are the best modern person in the world because you are over clean, remember how it looked in European countries in our grandmothers life. If you use your mind you will find it was exactly the same lifestyle as in Egypt.

So please do not judge anyone.

Thank you 

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