Its already one month what I have started writing this blog about Egypt. 

On the start the idea looked very clear and very easy then it showed up its not so easy and it need a lot of time and effort. I know I posted only few articles but I learn every day more and more. I wish in this month March post much more articles and more interesting and even make more videos. And I really hope that people will enjoy it.

As I already once told Egypt is not easy to understand and its not easy to find true informations even in our ages of modern life with internet etc. Thats my job, what I want to prove. Really to show only the true reality for all people in the world. 

But for me I have to say I enjoyed this month. Specially this month a lot of people asked me the SAME QUESTION: Why I decided to live in Egypt?! 

I must say that every time I answer, I wish I could answer different way. I really was thinking too much about the right and correct answer but I think that the true answer is: God chose this destiny for me.

Since I was a little kid I loved Egypt more than anything else, specially history of Egypt and pharaohs – I always was crazy about it. To have calendar or cups or to receive letter from Egypt was the best present for me ever. I even do not remember the first time what i have heard about Egypt. The love to Egypt is simply in my heart. 

Before I came here a lot of people tried to convince me that its wrong and that what was in my mind the amazing view of Egypt is wrong, and that people are very bad and life is not easy. 

But I always trusted in my dreams, in my heart and in God. And when I came here I think I found the same view of Egypt as I was dreaming about. But of course it is not paradise and here sometimes egyptian habbits are very bad and hard to handle it and of course I still learn and even to work and have good money and good life for a lot of people is not easy here. Sure we also have bad people, people who live in the street etc.

But on the second side the people are white heart, really with amazing feelings to help each other. And even the people on the street they mostly receive a food and money and even support. Also we have very rich people. But what make me love the country the calmness itself.

When i walk in the street does not matter if night or day I always feel safe. If I do not have money on food I know there will be always someone who will give me food, who will ask about me.If i do not have place to stay, there always will someone who will offer me to stay with the person in his home.  From people who I met here I received a milions of gifts, much more than I received from my european friends for all my life. Then Islam, even we have a problem about it in Egypt, I still can wear my niqab, go to mosque, can pray, can give money to poor and whatever I want. 

And of course I love the Beauty of Egypt – I mean countryside, oases, sea, river, forest, desert and much more. Here are endless gifts of nature undiscovered. Even the sun and moon I never saw such a bright light in Europe. When I look at it I feel like in a Tale. I feel grateful to God that he gave me such a blessing. 

So even I work here as a teacher and this job I really hate, cuz of this I met a lot of new people and friends and gave me even financial freedom and better life here. And sure the salary is not so huge as in Europe but I love to stay here. 

Then my husband. I married egyptian ,muslim man and any person can say what he wants but it was the best decision in my life. He treats me like a princess, if I do not want to work I do not have to, if I am tired he will help me. If I am ill he will share with me my feelings. Any wishes I have , my husband make it true. He care about me as a little baby and I always know that I do not have to be afraid about my existence. I have place where to be and where to come back.

He brought me a flat and payed our wedding, gave me milions of gifts. And taught me everything what I wanted. He makes me a better person. I will never regret this decision, I am really proud of it. I never saw such a moral habits in european man. 

So those are the reasons why I love Egypt. Thats the true and correct answer. 

I choose Egypt Forever.

At the end today I prepared for you very short video of grocer in my street. So sure do not miss it. 

With Love

Sajda Afifi


Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

5 thoughts

  1. Blogging is fun, as long as we enjoy doing it. Take your time, though, since it would take us a while to get the hang of it. And with Egypt (one of the oldest civilizations), you sure have a lot to share. 🙂 Cheers!


    • Exactly, That was my point…Egypt has endless hidden secrets, and the people have no cloud about it. But as you told it will take a time to describe all of it. But thank you for your words, It makes me more passion about blogging anyway…


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