Alexandria Book Fair 2016

20160304_153047Alexandria Book Fair started at half of February and will last till the end of March.

And of course this I could not miss.

Yesterday I had a free day so I finally took the decision to visit it.

I arrived to the book fair about 3 pm and the weather was simply amazing, shiny but not too hot. For good luck the book fair is beside Alexandria Library next to the sea.

Well, when I entered (for free) the whole environment looked very messy. There was a lot book stalls and in the middle of it were a boys drawing pictures on the land. So actually I did not know in which book stall I should a start so I simply took the first one.

And i think it was the best decision because the first book what i saw was from Tolstoy – Anna Karenina. I was searching for this book long time so I was really very happy that I found it and what surprised me was that the the book is in English. Of course I bought it immediately. It cost me only 50 L.E. (6 EURO) and they also gave me bookmark for free.

Then I went to another book stall over and over. I found books written in Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish…and even the prices was very high and very cheap. The most expensive book what i saw was for 200 L.E. (25 euro) but of course it was a new book then I saw books even for 1 l.e. but it was old.

Next I found a comics – new and old-, religions books, historic books, novels, poems, and very famous writers as a Shakespeare, Kafka, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, Alexandre Dumas etc.
Also I found a CD with Pilates, Aerobic and learning Germany, Spanish etc., table games and pictures.

Well I personally bought about 10 books and I spent there 3 hours. But honestly I had to mitigate myself because I wanted to buy every single book there. It was really so beautiful and lovely place that I m sure I will come back there again.

I made for you a 1. short video , 2. short video so you could join it with me from any place in the world.

Hope you will love it the same way as I did.


Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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