Part 1 – Difference between Europe vs Egypt


I got unexpected question from my friend and its sound like this ,, What is the difference between European life style and Egyptian life style? ,,

Well, I admit this easy question has a million answers… maybe endless. And also I am not surprised that my friends specially Egyptian ones became so interested to this question because I still talk or complain about the differences in these two types of life but I have never described specific difference to details.

But this topic is actually too interesting that I would like to focus on it in following couple of days. It will be dived to a lot of parts and I hope you will enjoy it. 

So lets start with first DIFFERENCE

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Are you curious about how Egyptian celebrates a Birthday?

When I was still in Europe,  I heard they do not celebrate it at all.

First I was surprised because in Europe most of us has a big birthday party, with big cakes and a lot of gifts, so how someone cannot celebrate his own birthday when its too beautiful occasion? 

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Mother`s Day


March 21 – here in Egypt we celebrated a Mother`s Day. And because I am a teacher so I could see how this occasion truly takes places.

There is a really a lot of difference from European style of celebrating Mother`s Day. Lets look at it with me… Continue reading



Its already one month what I have started writing this blog about Egypt. 

On the start the idea looked very clear and very easy then it showed up its not so easy and it need a lot of time and effort. I know I posted only few articles but I learn every day more and more. I wish in this month March post much more articles and more interesting and even make more videos. And I really hope that people will enjoy it.

As I already once told Egypt is not easy to understand and its not easy to find true informations even in our ages of modern life with internet etc. Thats my job, what I want to prove. Really to show only the true reality for all people in the world. 

But for me I have to say I enjoyed this month. Specially this month a lot of people asked me the SAME QUESTION: Why I decided to live in Egypt?!  Continue reading

Alexandria Book Fair 2016

20160304_153047Alexandria Book Fair started at half of February and will last till the end of March.

And of course this I could not miss.

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