New Life in Egypt

Hello everybody,

I m so happy that I decided to write this blog. I was thinking about writting a blog for a years but just now i took the BIG STEP and HERE I AM !

Ok let me introduce myself. My name is Sajda Afifi and I was born in Europe. I studied business academy but since I was a little kid I had a big dream and it was EGYPT.

I  do not know when and where exactly began my passion for Egypt but its in my blood. When I was a 7 years old I decided to be an egyptologist. Well in this point I still did not succeed but I believe that with this web it will be a good start. 

But the point is when I was a 20 years old, I moved to Egypt to the most beautiful city of Mediterranean Sea – Alexandria. And I got married here and became muslim. 

So actually in this blog I want to describe the life in Egypt with real photos or videos made by me and also focus on egyptian news and history. 

I am sure, Egypt has a lot of places and traditions about which the other countries has no clue. 

But I promise you right now – even I love Egypt,

I am going to show you the REALITY of Egypt. 

Some stuffs you will love and some you will hate but you will see the truth… I am not going to hide anything from you. I will show you the good and the bad. 

So please join me on this amazing and original way in life…you will not regret

With love

Sajda Afifi


    Sajda Afifi

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